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Check out how the software that allows you to monitor the employee during their working hours works.

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The use of Bossware has become increasingly common at work. These are programs that can record actions such as what time the worker turns on the computer, which websites he accesses during working hours, the content of emails sent and more.

That way, the software can also see what the employee is typing or clicking on the machine. In some cases they can even use the webcam to capture what the employee is doing in the work environment.

The popularity of these programs has increased a lot in recent times, mainly due to the adoption of home-office by companies. A survey carried out by in the United States and Europe revealed that 60% of organizations in these places use some type of software to monitor the day to day of their remote employees.

How does Bossware work?

There are several types of Bossware, the most common is activity monitoring. With it installed on the employee’s computer, you can see which apps and websites workers use. This way, most also show who they email or message, as well as social media posts.

Bosswares also record minute by minute when a user types and clicks, using this as a measure to gauge employee productivity. These programs have an algorithm that assembles all the data collected into simple tables or graphs for managers and supervisors to analyze what workers do during work hours.

In addition, there are even programs that are capable of taking screenshots of each employee’s device. Some even provide direct, live video from the screens.

Does the law allow this monitoring of employees?

Brazilian legislation is not very clear on this issue, but, according to experts, the provision of services and their definitions must be expressly included in the employee’s contract. This includes working hours, remuneration, requirements for providing services and possible means of inspection and control of the professional.

Finally, any inspection method that is not agreed upon or that exposes the worker to situations of embarrassment or deviates from the purpose of monitoring productivity, can be a reason for actions in the Labor Court.

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Image: Ignatiev /

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