Google recognizes and disables feature after abusive advertisements

Recently, the Google decided to discontinue RCS message advertising in India. The feature is similar to SMS, popular among Brazilian cell phone users. The number of complaints from users made the company take this attitude against one of its main sources of income (paid advertisements).

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What is the RCS used for advertising by Google?

As mentioned earlier, RCS is a system very similar to SMS. In fact, it works like a turbocharged message and represents one of the weapons present on Android against Telegram and WhatsApp, for example. The Serbian has emojis and offers images to users. However, data usage is charged for the cellular franchise.

The problem is that RCS is also a tool by Google to send advertisements to mobile users. The amount of advertising was seen as abusive by the Indians, and the boxes were so recurrent that they forced the company to cancel the strategy.

Google recognizes abusive advertising in RCS

“We are aware that some companies are abusing our anti-spam policies to send promotional messages to users in India. We are phasing out this feature as we work with the industry to improve the user experience.”

That was the message that Google spread over the internet and that was published by the news site Gadget360.

One of the highlights focuses on the fact that advertisements can use images and other elements of interaction. These items, in addition to being bothersome, took up too much space inside the device’s storage.

According to Google, several companies were breaking the terms of use, and firing unsolicited advertisements. Within the rules, the space must be used only by registered and verified companies to speak with captive customers.

RCS is not an active service in Brazil, but it is present in several other countries around the world.

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