Johnny Depp wants to give up the 40 mi Amber Heard owes him; understand

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

photo: Reuters

Johnny Depp was the one who received the most money in the judgment against his ex-wife, the actress Amber Heardbut wants to give up the US$ 8.35 million (equivalent to R$ 40 million) that the jury stipulated as a fine.

According to lawyers Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez, the actor did not file a lawsuit against his ex because of money. The defending duo was on the show Good Morning America to comment on the court decision.

“It was never about money, it was about restoring reputation,” Chew said on US TV. “After six years, [Depp] finally got his life back,” he added.

The amount of the fine has become a concern for the defense of Amber Heard, who is expected to receive just $2 million from her ex-husband in the mutual defamation lawsuit. One of the actress’ lawyers even declared that Amber would not have that money to pay the actor.

Lawyer hugs Amber Heard after jury decision

Lawyer hugs Amber Heard after jury decision

photo: Reuters

understand the value

The jury set the amount of the fine that Amber owes Depp to $15 million (approximately R$ 71 million) but, due to a law in the State of Virginia, that amount was readjusted to $ 10.35 million (for around BRL 50 million).

As the jurors also understood that Depp defamed his ex-wife, the actor must pay US$ 2 million (around R$ 9.5 million) in damages to the actress.

Discounting what Amber will receive from her ex-husband, the final amount that the ‘Aquaman’ actress owes the star is US$ 8.35 million (the equivalent of R$ 40 million).

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