Learn how to become a millionaire by investing just R$1,000

It is evident that if someone wants to increase their income, it is necessary for the individual to know where to invest. And surprisingly, finding a safe place to invest your investment is not that difficult. Therefore, we brought you some options listed by the Ex-Negative Guide for you to invest only R$ 1 thousand and take advantage of the opportunity that makes many people financially stable, whether inside or outside the country.

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In this article, many myths will be debunked, and one of them is: “You need a lot of money to start in the investment business”. This phrase is a classic illusion spread by many places, however, it is possible to start investing with little money.

Thus, R$ 1 thousand is already a considerable amount to start investments (accepted as an example), or even lower values. The only difference that will occur will be the amount generated in income.

One of the numerous options that offer some attractive rates of return is even investing in fintechs. However, something important to note is that the individual needs to know their financial profile, so they can start betting on the options that correspond to their proposals.

1. Investment Fund

This option accepts small investments, however, there is the counterpoint that its administrative fees are high, which ends up compromising the income.

Among the available options, we find the IPCA+ Treasury, a name launched by the National Treasury. The profitability of the model follows the side of inflation, added to the pre-fixed interest, in other words, stipulated at the beginning of the purchase.

2. LCI

Another investment opportunity is LCI. In this option, securities linked to real estate credit, guaranteed through mortgages or fiduciary alienation of the property are involved. The minimum investment amount in these cases is from R$1,000 to R$10,000. In addition, there is a deadline for withdrawing the values.

3. Actions

Stocks are in the range of safe and attractive investments, especially if an emergency fund is available. But, it is necessary to establish some objective, since the investment carried out in any way does not make any sense.

4. Bitcoin

It is impossible to talk about investments and not mention the famous cryptocurrency that has dominated the market today. However, it is important to reaffirm that this is a developing area, but it is undoubtedly a great option to invest, especially for those who are willing to face some risks.

Due to its rapid appreciation, many people have become millionaires as from its arrival until now, it has already appreciated 65 thousand times. At this same level, we will find the cryptocurrency named Axie Infinity, which brought a good return to those who had invested in it.

The most correct way to invest in this field is to acquire and wait for its supposed appreciation, and there is no guarantee that this will happen overnight.

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