Marta ends her engagement and announces romance with another player

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The player Marta, known as the Queen of Football, will spend the next Valentine’s Day with new company this year. She ended her engagement with defender Toni Deion, with whom she plays in Orlando Pride, and started a relationship with fellow American Carrie Lawrence.

The Brazilian had announced marriage plans with her ex-partner in January 2021. However, the two had been dating since 2019, when they decided to make the case official. They would have approached during the period when the defender was being treated for breast cancer.

the line walked

According to the Extra newspaper, Marta’s now ex-fiancée also wasted no time and has already joined another Brazilian woman. The player’s choice was the former responsible for the club’s digital communication, Eduarda Pavão. The couple appeared together in several records shared on the internet, including a dinner alone.

Martha’s new passion

The new girlfriend of the Alagoas native played for Orlando Pride in the 2020 Fall Series and returned to the club in January this year. Like the Brazilian’s ex, she works in the defensive system and is known for her technical and physical quality. “She has a lot of potential,” her trainer Marc Skinner said at the time of her signing.

Even with the end of the relationship, Marta and Toni Deion are still “mothers” of three pet dogs. Zoe, Zeca and Toby, who share the same Instagram account, have been spending time with their owners since the end of their engagement.

Calendar with selection

The Brazilian winner of six Ballons d’Or was not called up by coach Pia Sundhage, last Monday (6), due to a knee injury. She underwent surgery in March to treat her cruciate ligament and is out of action.

In any case, the team will be well represented for the friendlies and for the Copa América, which takes place in July, in Colombia. The offensive sector of the team will have Debinha, Gabu Nunes, Geyse, Gio Queiroz and Bia Zaneratto, elected the best player in the country last year.

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