Megan Fox’s rapper fiance wears bloody syringe earring

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, 32, engaged to actress Megan Fox, 35, shocked fans when he appeared wearing a bloody syringe earring with a stone on the tip at the premiere of his new film “Taurus” at the Tribeca Film Festival in United States, on Thursday (9).

He shared photos on Instagram wearing the accessory and with Fox licking the rock that sits on the tip of the syringe. But this isn’t the first time the rapper has used blood as an accessory. In February 2021, the artist said he was wearing the actress’ blood on a necklace pendant.

The actress had already revealed in April this year, in an interview with the UK’s Glamor magazine, that the two used to drink each other’s blood from time to time in rituals. The actress assured that the two only drink a few drops of blood and that consumption is controlled.

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“It’s controlled. It’s like, ‘Let’s spill a few drops of blood and we each drink.’ He [Machine Gun Kelly] it’s much more casual, hectic and chaotic. He’s willing to cut your chest with broken glass and say, ‘Take my soul,'” he said at the time.

When announcing their engagement in January 2022, the couple had already publicly commented on drinking each other’s blood. At the time, the actress posted on Instagram a video of the moment she was asked to marry him.

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