Putin needed ‘urgent medical assistance’ after feeling weak and dizzy – News

Russian President Vladimir Putin experienced a “medical emergency” this week, according to the General SVR channel, which published the information this Friday (10) on its messaging app Telegram.

“After a recent one-and-a-half-hour video call meeting with representatives of the military bloc, Putin felt strong nausea, weakness and dizziness when trying to get up. The president needed urgent medical assistance,” the text explains.

The publication also reports that the Russian president has received medical advice not to make “long” public appearances. Furthermore, the sudden illness was the real reason why the “Hotline”, Putin’s annual live broadcast, was postponed without explanation.

The question-and-answer session was scheduled for later this month or early July, but it is unclear whether it will go ahead after the events.

Despite the allegations, Putin, 69, made a rare public appearance in Moscow on Thursday, when he addressed young entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists at an event marking the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great. , former Russian Emperor.

The General SVR channel — which claims to receive inside information — has previously claimed that Putin is battling cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

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