Russian influencer dies after falling 24 meters at sex party

Russian influencer Evgeniia Smirnova died after falling from the 8th floor – about 24 meters – of a building in Phuket, Thailand.

According to The Sun, three people were detained by police in the Asian country for “recklessness”: American Jamaal Smith, Jordanian Ahmad Alatoom and Russian Natalia Kosenkova. They can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The tragic death of the 37-year-old influencer happened on May 31. According to the police, the three friends said that Evgeniia was very drunk, climbed on the balcony of the apartment’s balcony and ended up falling.

The autopsy showed a high level of alcohol in the influencer’s blood, but Thai authorities are still investigating possible signs of fights before her death, as Evgeniia was found only in her underwear and with strands of human hair in her hand.

Witnesses told police that the event where the influencer died was a “sex, drugs and alcohol party”.

The Russian, originally from the city Nizhny Novgorod, was known by another name on her social media. She also acted as a cam girl.

Natalia Kosenkova, a model and DJ detained by the police, told the international press that the influencer’s death was an “unfortunate accident”: “The only thing I can say is that this was an unfortunate accident, it was not a murder, none of the people involved must be punished”.

“I didn’t know her until that day. I didn’t know her, she went to the party we were at. She called her friend [Alatoom], who also was and demonstrated inappropriate behaviors. All I can say is me and my friend [Smith], whom I have known for a long time, we behave with dignity and decency. The police are believing us. They say they are not worried,” he continued.

Kosenkova ended by saying, “Am I just a tourist? I’ve been living here for five months. I’m just a tourist. It was a normal drinking party. And someone dies around here every day.”

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