Scheduled to be dark, the Marvel series changed its tone because of an actress

The composers of the soundtrack of Archer hawkChristophe Beck and Michael Paraskevas revealed that, at first, Marvel Studios wanted the series to take a darker.

‎“There was a bit of evolution in the composition (of the soundtrack). At first, the idea was create something for a darker tonefocused on Hawkeye, his desperation around the events of the last few Avengers movies, and the things he’s faced in his past.”

the introduction of Kate Bishophowever, is what changed things.

“So after a while, we created something much more playful, especially between Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. Using this concept of Christmas in New York. Whenever there was an opportunity to sprinkle Christmas magic, we did. Not just the big pieces, but also incorporating Christmas classics into what was a more traditional type of Marvel superhero.”‎ they explained.

Clint (Jeremy Renner) in Hawkeye
Clint (Jeremy Renner) in Hawkeye (Reproduction / Disney+)

Discover some behind-the-scenes details about the series

Archer hawk it was originally going to be a movie

At first, the series had been thought of as an independent film, similar to what happened with Black Widow.

Things changed when the writing staff realized that a movie would not be long enough to tell all the story they wanted.

Because of this, a new decision was made and the production became a series on Disney+, giving time to better introduce the character. Kate Bishop.

Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in Hawkeye
Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in Hawkeye (Reproduction/Disney+)

Kevin Feige was the one who nominated Hailee Steinfeld for the role

Kevin Feige wanted Steinfeld for the role before he even met her. The two met for dinner and he has already offered her the role.

The series is inspired by the comics by writer Matt Fractions.

In 2012, Fraction released a 22-issue comic book series called hawkeye which became a hit with fans for the way it treated the character and for solidifying Kate Bishop as a true heroine.

For that reason, the writers made the decision to use it as a base.

Jeremy Renner mentored Steinfeld on set

As Renner has been in the MCU much longer, he knew the character and when he returned to produce the series, he decided to mentor his newcomer well.

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