See 5 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day with your love

O Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Brazil this Sunday (12). The date, which celebrates the love between couples, has the planning of several programs for two.

There are those who bet on a romantic dinner, there are couples who prefer a good walk. Others really like to stay in the comfort of their home watching the movie.


For those who opt for this option, the report by NE10 Interior prepared a list with 5 movies for you to watch cuddled with your love on Valentine’s Day.


1. Coincidences of love

From the cult series friends, Jennifer Aniston became the public’s favorite, but cannot be unanimous. She has people who consider her the worst actress in the world. Is not true.

Josh Gordon and Will Speck’s comedy is another that now and again captivates viewers of Afternoon session. Jennifer is out of a relationship but wants to be a mother. She resorts to artificial insemination, thinking that the father of her child will be one, but it is another best friend of hers, completely drunk, replaces the sperm in the collection material.

Seven years later, they meet again – and the son is just like him. Jason Bateman plays the man-boy genre competently. Will he be able to get his beloved-Jen-who is married back?

2. Marry Me?

A love story that takes place, to a large extent, on the road. Amy Adams is tired of waiting for her boyfriend to make the commitment official. As there is an Irish tradition, according to which a man cannot refuse a marriage proposal made on the 29th of February, she goes after him – in Ireland!

The problem is Matthew Goode, the driver Amy crashes on the road with. Cinema has celebrated many sweet women, but one man? Directed by Anand Tucker, Amy and Goode form one of the most perfect duos in romantic comedy history.

3. Moon Spell

Cher and Olympia Dukakis won the Oscars for best actress and best supporting role of the year, 1987. Cher is a widow who gives in to family pressure and is about to marry Danny Aiello when she discovers his brother – and falls in love! Nicolas Cage is complex because he has an artificial hand.

Norman Jewison directs the screenplay – also an Oscar winner – by John Patrick Shanley. In the decisive scene, Cher and Cage go to the opera and the aria is La Bohème’s Che Gelida Manina. All to do.

4. Diary of a Passion

The old man who takes care of the Alzheimer’s patient in a clinic. He tells a story. The rich girl who falls in love with a poor boy, her parents who oppose and do everything to keep the undesirable away. He goes to war, time passes and they end up meeting again.

What do the two stories have in common? Nick Cassavetes directs his mother, the great Gena Rowlands. James Garner plays the old man full of love, but it’s the young people who captivate, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Try not to cry, if you can.

5. A love to remember

The film tells the story of Landon Carter who is punished for having played a bad prank at his school. As punishment, he is tasked with participating in a theatrical play, which is being staged at the school.

That’s when he meets Jamie Sullivan, a young student at a poor school. Over time, Landon ends up falling in love with Jamie who, for personal reasons, does everything he can to escape his harassment.

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