Understand how to protect your data from Ransomware attacks

There is a program that invades your computer registries, locking and encrypting all folders. Therefore, you lose access to the system and start receiving threats. These messages are usually linked to a payment for ransoming the data.

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Of course, the motivation of these scams can be personal, due to some conflict of interest. However, most involve random scammers looking for companies and individuals to apply fraud in exchange for financial benefits and other forms of coercion.

Ransomware that has been invading various systems since 2017 has been causing a lot of problems

Ransomware is software that wreaks havoc on platforms and one of them, Wannacy, has affected over 700,000 people. The damage totaled US$4 million and caused Costa Rica to declare a State of Emergency. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, Latin America will see a 15% increase in these cases per year if it does nothing.

To prevent certain intruders, the best thing to do is to avoid clicking on unknown links. Dismissing downloads in which the origin of the applications is not accurate also helps to be safe. Install a good antivirus and always back up your documents, but whether or not to pay the ransom, it’s worth consulting a lawyer.

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