Valentine’s Day: Check out our script to marathon love stories on streaming

Dating or being single, who doesn’t like to watch that romance take on a calm day? Long before the emergence of movie theater and gives TV, stories involving the love between two protagonists were already beginning to be told in classical literature and theater. The years have passed and now we have plots that range from the classics to the clichés. Playing a love story warms the soul – of couples and those looking for a match. See the tips for the most romantic weekend of the year.

the classics

The most romantic must know well the feeling of “love at first sight”. This is what happens to the protagonist couple Tony and Maria in the classic “Love sublime love”, set in 1957. This novel, however, has a catch: they are on opposite sides of the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two gangs vying for control of the streets of New York. With a plot à la Romeo and Juliet, the musical won a remake in 2021 with seven Oscar nominations and celebrating Ariana Debose’s victory with the statuette for Best Supporting Actress. the long is available on Disney+.

Going back in time, “Diary of a passion” – available on HBO Max – takes place in 1940 and is a beautiful example of lost loves that are reunited in the future. With Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles, there’s no denying that when it’s meant to happen, life finds a way to make it work.


June is the month of pride *LGBTQIAP+, then it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons for love in all its forms. As is the case with Peter and Nick in the movie “A Crush for Christmas”gives Netflix. The difference is that the production is the first of the Christmas films to have a couple of gay protagonists. In the plot, Peter doesn’t want to be a bachelor anymore and asks his best friend, Nick, to pretend to be his boyfriend. The plan goes wrong, but the coolest thing is to see the family committed to being Cupid so that the two are together.

“A Crush for Christmas” (Photo: Disclosure)

With a more serious but necessary topic, “Love for Law”available on Amazon Prime Video, has as its motto the love between two women, Laurel and Stacie. It turns out that Laurel, a New Jersey police officer, is terminally ill and wants Stacie to receive her pension benefits after her death, but authorities don’t recognize their bond as a loving union.


Recently, the series “Heartstopper” was quite successful among the releases from Netflix. The reason? I brought a narrative in which two young boys fall in love, but with a focus on the discovery of love and the well-known “butterflies in the stomach”, without tragedies or impossible situations. Audiences were surprised to see, in the script, LGBTQIAP+ characters having a full life, something unusual when looking at the beginnings of diversity on TV.

Already on AppleTV+ option for those who have advanced in the relationship and are interested in adopting a child. On the Serie “Trying” (2 seasons), Nikki can’t get pregnant, so she decides, in partnership with her husband Jason, to adopt a baby. But even the bureaucracies to be accepted as able parents are validated, the chaotic family and crazy friends can be a deterrent. The production is light, fluffy and guarantees good laughs.

More marathon romance series:

“Bridgerton” (2 seasons on Netflix)

“Virgin River” (4 seasons on Netflix)

“Modern Love” (2 seasons on Amazon)

“Love Life” (2 seasons on HBO Max)

“Young Royals” (1 season on Netflix)

“First Time Love” (2 seasons on Netflix)

*LGBTQIAP+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transgender, Transvestite, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexuality and other sexual orientations and gender identities)

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