Vitão’s predictions for the 11th round of the Brasileirão

After a little more than a quarter of the interminable Campeonato Brasileiro de pontozzz corridozzz, in which the former have a mid-table campaign and the lantern plays G-4 ball, anything can happen and is open.

Of the three unanimous favorites, nobody has an easy life in the round, but the tendency is for Galo, at home, to make peace with the victory; the visitors Palmeiras, at Couto Pereira, and Flamengo, free-kick by Paulo Sousa, at Beira-Rio, have even more complicated clashes. Even for that reason, Corinthians, despite the Z4 football, has a chance to take the lead again.

Round 11 predictions

Corinthians 1 x 0 Youth

It’s always difficult to guess at a Corinthians game without knowing what Vítor Pereira’s invention and degree of rotation will be. It’s one thing to evaluate the alvinegra chance with the correct lineup and formation, another, completely different, is to hunch with Canitillo (who is not a defensive midfielder!), Bamboo, winger, defender, midfielder of false 11 etc… anyway, in Itaquera, as the Fiel doesn’t usually spare itself, it should give Corinthians. After the game, around 6:30 pm, Ricardo Perrone and I led the Live from Corinthians in the channel of UOL Esporte.

Atlético-MG 2 x 1 Santos

If you want to immediately remove the bad impression left by the run over suffered by Fluminense and maintain the status of one of the favorites for the title, Galo has an obligation to beat Peixe at home.

Fluminense 2 x 1 Atletico-GO

Since Fernando Diniz’s return was agreed, Flu is already the “champion” of the “Press Trophy”. If you want to go further, you will have to maintain regularity and not give your opponent two goals per game.

Cuiabá 0 x 0 Red Bull Bragantino

To the despair of continuity freaks, Maurício Barbieri’s longevity is not being translated into sports evolution and scores. However, Cuiabá must feel the absences of Bambu, Cantillo and Bruno Melo in the opposing team, players who helped (a lot) in last Tuesday’s victory.

Internacional 1 x 1 Flamengo

Inter have the field and crowd factors in their favor. Flamengo, the motivation of athletes who no longer wanted to work with Paulo Sousa. Balance.

Sao Paulo 2 x 1 America-MG

In the last four games, São Paulo “won” the first season by a goal difference, lost the second by the same difference and tied the confrontation. This time it will win the first half by two goals and the “defeat” by one goal in the second half will not take away the 3 points from the team

Goiás 1 x 0 Ceara

With its conservative and defensive style of Jair Ventura, Goiás took the elevator, came out of the trail and need to score at home to take up residence in the middle of the table.

Coritiba 1 x 1 Palm trees

The current two-time champion of America leads and plays the best football in the Brasileirão, but Coxa is undefeated in the Brasileirão as home team.

Fortaleza 1 x 0 Athletico-PR

As the Brasileirão is disputed by points and not by performance, it’s good for Tricolor do Pici to win the first one at home… If they don’t win, the situation of the lantern, difficult today, will gain the status of dramatic.

Botafogo 0 x 1 Avai

Botafogo didn’t understand that their championship is to stay in Serie A. Avaí, with more limitations, less budget and media, never doubted that.

On Danilo and Vitão’s Live, on UOL Esporte, Danilo Lavieri, Letícia Marques and I, among other subjects, also throbbed.


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