WhatsApp: Editing Sent Messages Could Be the Next New App

O Whatsapp is developing a feature much requested by users. Soon, it is possible that the messenger will allow the editing of messages after they have been sent in private chats and in groups.

According to information from the WABetaInfo portal, the resource can be accessed by pressing for a few seconds on the message you want to correct. In short, the edit icon will be next to the ‘Details’ and ‘Copy’ options.

So far, only users of the Android beta version of Whatsapp are able to take advantage of the tool, however, it should soon arrive for the iOS system.

In any case, there is still no forecast for the implementation of the feature in the stable version of the messenger.

Learn what to do if your WhatsApp has been or is being cloned

Due to the fact that the Whatsapp being one of the most used messaging apps at the moment, it ends up being a means for people in bad faith to carry out their crimes. One of these actions refers to cloning the messenger account.

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Although the platform has a good security system, it is not excellent enough to prevent possible crimes from occurring, which ends up victimizing many users. With this, some hackers manage to apply blows to innocent people who do not have in-depth knowledge of technology.

WhatsApp Cloning

In short, it is not possible to clone any account from the Whatsapp. That’s because, there are some security devices that prevents the action. The application does not allow two profiles to be created with the same number on two different devices.

In this sense, if something suspicious happens, the user is soon notified. If this happens to you, try to authenticate your device at the same time to neutralize the criminal action.

However, criminals already know that it is possible to avoid the action in this way. Therefore, they use other ways to get what they want. One of the strategies is to use the same profile picture of a user and inform that he changed his number to his users, to later request a certain amount of money.

Even if it seems suspicious, the plan ends up victimizing many naive citizens, including because they don’t try to be sure that it’s really their contact. To make matters worse, many people still give out personal information such that it can later be used for further fraud.

That said, the advice is to verify all details when contacting personal information. Consult the DDD, and possible post in the status. Also, send a message on the supposedly old number to confirm the story and, especially, be suspicious if they ask for money.

What to do if WhatsApp is cloned?

If your account has been cloned or you suspect that this is happening, authenticate your device as soon as possible, as mentioned in the text above. To do this, uninstall and install the application again on your device. Then, enter your number and enter the code received by SMS.

Thereby, if a criminal has cloned your Whatsapp, you will lose access to your account immediately. Also, don’t forget to let family, friends and acquaintances know that your Whatsapp was cloned to prevent them from falling into possible scams.

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