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The new Honda City arrived in Brazil completely redesigned and more spacious, full of safety and technology items, with the proposal to offer internal comfort and better drivability and also relieve the driver’s pocket, with a performance that would make competitors envious.

More than that, the medium sedan, whose design remains the same, may fill a gap for Civic orphans, unprepared to buy the larger sedan with a dollar quote, since it is no longer manufactured in Brazil. O R7 drove the new Honda City EXL — or New City — over 500 km and brings back the impressions.

Starting with the exterior, the new City features striking creases on the hood and side, which accompany the bodywork from rear to front light – LED lights complete the set (only the Touring version comes with everything in LED). The 16-inch alloy wheels mix black paint with diamond faces, which gives the sedan more modernity.

As for the body, the model became wider (about 5 cm), longer (almost 10 cm) and slightly lower – all to improve aerodynamics. The Japanese guarantee that, with 4.5 meters, the Honda City has become the longest in the category – which has Chevrolet Onix Plus, Toyota Yaris Sedã, Nissan Versa, Volkswagen Virtus and Chevrolet Cobalt.

The rear draws attention to the changes. If before the 2021 model lights had more cutouts and lighter tones, now the City comes with a darker rear accessory and sharper lines.


Inside, the Honda City is also a new car. Starting with the dashboard, which gives sophistication to both the driver and the passenger. The sportiness is a mark of the integration between steering wheel, speedometer, air conditioning system and the multimedia center.

City starts with the button and the unlocking of the doors is limited to touching the handle, as long as the physical key is nearby.

The new 8-inch multimedia center is fully accessible to the touch — the few buttons have few functions. As usual in the market, everything integrates with Android and Apple systems without wires. The various angles of the reverse camera, for parking, are mirrored there, in view of the driver and other passengers. On the move, sound insulation is a point of attention.

As for safety, City only brings in the Touring version (top of the line), the Sensing package, which brings together technologies such as the distance control of the vehicle in front (ACC), automatic braking system in front of obstacles ahead (CMBS) , stay in the driving lane (LKAS), automatic steering adjustment when leaving the lane (RDM) and also the automatic headlight compensation when crossing with other vehicles at night (AHB).

Regardless of the version, the new Honda City (EX, EXL and Touring) comes with stability assistant, six airbags, tire pressure alert and reversing camera, among other items.

Need turbo?

The new version of the Japanese compact sedan is equipped with an engine made of aluminum, four cylinders and aspirated, 1.5 and 16 valves. Honda preferred to leave the 1.0 turbo engine, 122 horsepower, in the models that are on the streets of Thailand. Here, the aspirated 126 horse won the dispute. So no turbo.

At the driver’s feet, the car responds very well and is aggressive on the road. The power is well distributed among the seven gears of the well-known CVT gearbox, which guarantees efficiency and those passages without any bumps.

Even when driving, the highlight of the new Honda City is consumption. On the road, the sedan reached 19.5 km/liter on gasoline. In a mixed cycle, which also includes walking to and from the city, it dropped to 14 km/litre. In any case, the car’s efficiency is surprising, especially at a time of rising fuel prices.

Civic pricing and fans

Honda City will compete with its bigger cousin, but that was already in the carmaker’s plans. That’s because the Civic will only come from outside and, probably, with a higher price with the dollar quotation. In the case of City, prices will vary and reach almost BRL 130,000 – EX version for BRL 113,000, EXL from BRL 120,200 and Touring for BRL 129,600. Is it worth it?

More than worrying about the Civic partner, City wants to face rival compact sedans. The most recent registration data from Fenabrave show that the Japanese automaker will have to, initially, choose between consolidating the second position or intensifying the hunt for the leader – the Onyx Plus.

In May, City sales have already gained traction over April and, in 2022, total 9,927 units in circulation in the country (22% of the segment). Chevrolet Onix Plus has more than half of sales, with 23,000 copies sold between January and May.

To top it off, you can’t neglect the Toyota Yaris Sedã, which has already ended up in 5,500 garages across the country (12.4% of the total). The next few months will show whether the renewed City has really fallen in love with the Brazilian.

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