Woman discovers boyfriend has wife and three children after publicizing her disappearance

After the disappearance of her boyfriend, Rachel Waters decided to use social networks to expose to netizens the disappearance of her beloved. The American, who lives in China, said that Paul MacGee, 40, had gone to England and should have returned to Shenzhen, the Chinese city where the then couple lived.

“I haven’t heard from him recently and I’m worried something might have happened. If anyone knows anything, please contact me,” the South Carolina-born American wrote on Facebook.

However, what Rachel ended up discovering was that her boyfriend lived in Norwich, England, and that he had a wife and three children.

“It’s not funny at all. He has a wife and children. And I feel sorry for her,” wrote a friend of Paul’s.

According to the newspaper The Sun, the Englishman and his wife had not seen each other for two years. Paul was in China working and the Covid-19 pandemic ended up extending his stay in the Asian country. With that, he ended up starting a relationship with Waters, but without revealing his past.

With the repercussion of the case, Rachel deleted the post on Facebook. The American was approached by the press to talk about the case, but she preferred not to speak out.

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