3 Signs That Prove You’re Very Smart, But Haven’t Realized It Yet

Intelligence is a characteristic of the human being, that is, everyone is intelligent and smart in their own way. This is a admired trait for all. But does intelligence change? When the talents that we develop are added, they show us that there is a way to enhance this side of us. See how!

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Intelligence can be improved over the course of any individual’s life. It may be through a skill that can be developed over time, according to behavior and practice specific activities, as by other means.

Still, as much as each person acts in a way, creating their own habits and discovering preferences over the years, there are some behaviors that can indicate that a person is already intelligent.

In fact, many of the people who show these behaviors frequently do not even realize that they are really signs of intelligence, as they seem very common.

It is worth noting that some of these so-called “signs” may not be very visible either, as they may well be, for example, how a person deals with certain day-to-day situations. A change of routine, the end of a relationship… and so on.

Others can be easily identified.

See what these are below. clues that are simple to identify and see if you can detect such behavioral traits in yourself or someone you know.

Have you had or are you taking music lessons?

A study carried out a few years ago showed that children who undergo music lessons, involving instruments or singing, develop their cognitive skills better. This means that they have a significant increase in IQ compared to other children of the same age who are not part of any kind of extracurricular activities.

Curious, right? So the first clue is exactly this: if you know how to play an instrument or sing very well, know that you can be smarter than you think!

Have one or more pet cats

Cat owners are generally more sensitive and introspective, which means they tend to do better than other people in intelligence tests. logic. Of course, this does not mean that dog lovers are less intelligent than cat “parents”, no, not at all!

This just shows that the types of intelligence are different. Want an example? While the cat owner usually does better in intelligence tests, dog owners tend to do very well in social activities.

learned to read early

Another study, which was carried out with about 2,000 identical twins, showed that those who learn to read more quickly and even a little early, ended up being better at activities involving cognitive skills when they grew up.

That’s something you’re going to want to encourage in your kids, huh?

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