4 items that automakers have eliminated and are missing

With the justification of technological evolution or simply to cut costs, items that came as standard were disappearing from cars over time.

The suppression of resources such as the temperature gauge and even the spare tire in cars currently manufactured are examples of this phenomenon, to the annoyance of many drivers.

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Especially the more experienced drivers miss these and other equipment, as they consider them not only useful, but essential in everyday life with the vehicle.

Check out four things cars had, lost and missed – and still cause some irritation today.

1 – Fire extinguisher

Car fire extinguisher - Carlos Eduardo de Quadros/Fotoarena/Folhapress - Carlos Eduardo de Quadros/Fotoarena/Folhapress

Fire extinguisher became optional equipment and is no longer offered in most cars sold in Brazil

Image: Carlos Eduardo de Quadros/Fotoarena/Folhapress

Since October 2015, the fire extinguisher has become optional equipment in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles that circulate on public roads in Brazil.

After the end of the obligation, the vast majority of brand new cars on sale in the country, if not all, began to be sold without the safety item.

In this way, drivers who feel safer with the presence of a fire extinguisher in the car need to purchase it separately and arrange for the correct installation.

However, it is good to be aware: if you carry the device, it must be within the validity period and in accordance with the specifications determined by the traffic legislation.

If these rules are not respected, there is a risk of being sued for serious infraction, with a fine of R$ 195.23, five points in the medical record and retention of the car until the respective regularization.

“There is a contradiction in the legislation. It makes the use of fire extinguishers optional for certain vehicles, but establishes that the rules in force must be observed by owners who decide to use the equipment”, explains lawyer Marco Fabrício Vieira, advisor to the Cetran-SP (São Paulo State Traffic Council).

Contran Resolution 556/2015 determines that the extinguisher must be loaded with ABC type chemical powder.

This specification is best suited for fighting fires in solid and liquid materials as well as energized equipment – as it smothers the fire, interrupts the combustion chain and does not conduct electricity.

Previously, the BC extinguisher was used, which is not effective on solid materials.

Any inspection should verify the validity, which is five years; the pressure indicator; the integrity of the seal; the presence of an Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) conformity mark; the absence of rust spots, dents and other damage; and the place where the fire extinguisher is installed, which must be properly fixed.

2 – Engine temperature gauge

Most of the 0 km cars sold today no longer have the standard engine temperature marker - Shutterstock - Shutterstock

Most of the 0 km cars sold currently no longer have the standard engine temperature marker

Image: Shutterstock

A piece of equipment that has disappeared from many automobiles manufactured these days is the simple engine temperature gauge.

Whether in the form of a physical pointer or displayed on a screen, often in the form of a bar, this item has become a rarity.

Several cars started to bring only the engine overheating warning light, which is not ideal, as the driver only notices the problem when it is already getting worse.

With the spread of the digital dashboard and multimedia centers, today there are cars that allow you to check the exact temperature of the engine, however this requires navigating through a series of menus.

In this way, information is not always within reach of the eyes, which displeases a lot of people.

3 – Spare just like the other tires

Repair kit replaces spare tire on vehicles with run flat tires;  others bring a thin spare tire - Disclosure - Disclosure

Repair kit replaces spare tire on vehicles with run flat tires; others bring a thin spare tire

Image: Disclosure

Thin spare tires, also known as temporary ones, have become standard in recent years among more affordable zero-kilometer cars.

Nostalgic for the time when the spare tire was identical to other tires, they turn their noses towards the “novelty”, which brings less safety and is limited to use at speeds of up to 80 km/h and at a distance of 80 km, in general.

Oliver Schulze, engineer at SAE Brasil, highlights that the thin spare tire trend is stronger among European automakers. In addition to the obvious cost cutting, the reduction in spare tire dimensions has other motivations.

“The emission limits and consumption targets are very strict and demanding in Europe. The smaller spare tire weighs less and, with that, the autonomy is extended. Even if it is by a small margin, over time the fuel economy is more noticeable”, points out the specialist.

In addition, he points out, the more compact spare tire brings another benefit: it takes up less space in the trunk and, therefore, increases its capacity.

On the other hand, there are the disadvantages: in addition to the limitations mentioned above, spare tire for temporary use is more subject to damage caused by holes, ditches and imperfections in the floor in general.

There are still cars that leave the factory with “full size” spare tires, but they are increasingly scarce.

Another alternative, adopted mainly by luxury brands, is to equip the vehicle with run-flat tires, that is, capable of running a certain distance even when punctured.

Cars equipped with this technology are even exempted from bringing a spare tire, replaced by a repair kit as required by law.

Although the spare tire is mandatory equipment, Brazilian traffic legislation makes exceptions, as in the case of the run flat technology.

This type of tire is about 30% more expensive than conventional tires and also limits speed and mileage traveled while punctured. There are other disadvantages.

“Due to the structural reinforcement, the run flat has a more uncomfortable ride in terms of hardness and noise. In addition, this tire requires pressure monitoring so you know it’s punctured. On the other hand, it’s repairable like a conventional tire and doesn’t need a spare tire. “, explains Schulze.

4 – Windbreak or fan

Windbreak used to equip most vehicles, but item disappeared a long time ago - Shutterstock - Shutterstock

Windbreak used to equip most vehicles, but item disappeared a long time ago

Image: Shutterstock

This is an item that can be considered obsolete, as it has not been offered for decades in both passenger cars and utility vehicles.

It works like this: it is a triangular-shaped glass, positioned in the front doors next to the windshield, which is opened and rotates on an axis, helping to ventilate the cabin.

Older drivers especially miss this equipment, present in old and beloved cars like Volkswagen Beetle, Chevrolet Opala and many other models.

In fact, the windbreak or fan, as it is known in some regions of Brazil, was standard in almost all cars sold in the country until the mid-1990s.

To give you an idea, the VW Gol brought the feature until the launch of the “Bolinha” generation, in 1994.

Those who miss the windbreak argue that the piece has the advantage of natural ventilation, created by the movement of the vehicle, without the need for air conditioning or to open the main side window.

On the other hand, automakers abandoned the device for considering it unsafe, as it facilitated break-ins, as well as for harming aerodynamics and increasing fuel consumption and emissions – which need to be increasingly lower to meet regulatory standards in each country. .

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