5 Movies to Celebrate Singleness on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is approaching and we know that one of the best ways to celebrate the date is to enjoy a good movie, especially romantic ones. However, how are our dear single readers? Well, know that My Favorite Series hasn’t forgotten about you. Below, we’ll list five good movies to celebrate singleness.

First of all, we warn against the variety of alternatives. That is, some will be more lively while others will invite you to a deeper immersion in their feelings. In advance, we communicate the certainty that we have that everyone will know how to make the most appropriate choice for their moment in life.

Enjoy without moderation!

5 Movies to Celebrate Singleness This Valentine’s Day

1. How to Be Single (2016)

First on the list of movies to enjoy Valentine’s Day is the romantic comedy by director Christian Ditter. In short, the 110-minute film is an adaptation of the book Sex and the City by Liz Tuccillo.

Beforehand, what you need to know is that the film follows the lives of young New Yorkers navigating the complexities of single life. Furthermore, it should be noted that the production offers an interesting moral lesson at the end. The message is that, after all, the only person you truly need is yourself.

2. Even If Nothing Goes Right (2013)

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Second on our list of movies to enjoy for Valentine’s Day is this 2013 romantic drama from director John Carney. In short, it is a feature film that follows a story about growth and friendship. In addition, it makes an emphatic approach to the power of independence and chasing dreams.

Finally, on the plot, it revolves around Dan and Greta. While Dan is dealing with a layoff, Greta is grieving over her boyfriend’s betrayal. They then get together to produce an album and, during their time together, exchange experiences that help them develop as people.

3. (500) Days With Her (2009)

Third on our list of movies to enjoy for Valentine’s Day is this 2009 romantic drama from director Mark Webb. In short, this 95-minute production is a heartbreak classic. Furthermore, it invites the viewer to travel through the events of the relationship between Summer and Tom through the protagonist’s perspective.

The production shows that true love is, more often than not, a construction that people design according to their own desires. And for that, the feature revolves around a painful breakup with the “perfect partner”. This fact leads to reflections on the true realities of relationship and life.

4. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Fourth on our list of movies to enjoy for Valentine’s Day is this 2003 romantic drama from director Audrey Wells. This is a good movie especially for singles looking for inspiration to rediscover life, trust and happiness. That’s because he carries the message that being alone doesn’t mean being unhappy.

The plot of Under the Tuscan Sun follows Frances Mayes. In short, she realized that the perfect relationship she had was nothing more than a facade. In other words, she found out that her husband got his lover pregnant. In this sense, in order to overcome depression, she listens to a tip from her friends and goes on vacation to Tuscany. The idea is to distract yourself and rediscover happiness.

5. Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Fifth on our list of movies to enjoy for Valentine’s Day is this 2010 romantic drama from director Ryan Murphy. In short, the production is perfect for reinvigorating the spirit of independence and rediscovering enthusiasm.

The plot follows the journey of Julia Roberts’ character, Elizabeth Gilbert. After ending her marriage and quitting her job, she traveled through Italy, India and Indonesia. Finally, after eating, praying and making some sacrifices, she learns to love again. In summary, the film strengthens the feeling of independence and of going after what you want.

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