Caio Castro quotes Senna after victory at Interlagos

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O Interlagos Race Track has reserved the best moments of his racing career Caio Castro. Last year, in his rookie season at Porsche Cupthe actor had already won his first triumph in the category on the São Paulo circuit.

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This Saturday, during the third stage of 2022, he won pole position earlier, but ended up being punished, losing his best lap and being forced to start in 10th position.

During the race, with accidents and safety car entries, Caio managed to advance, reaching the lead in the final minutes and holding the pressure of Urubatan Jr., for his new triumph.

After the conquest, the actor, visibly moved, recalled the moments since childhood, until he became one of the stars of the Porsche Cup today.

“The first [lembrança desse relacionamento com Interlagos] is a fan of one of the greatest pilots on the planet who has ever set foot here”, he said, quoting Ayrton Senna. “Being able to be in the same place as him is everything I can’t think about at the time (of the race). I need to focus a lot on the race because, in addition to being difficult, being a technical route and the level of competition being very high, there is an emotional side that can hurt me a lot.

“But then we do the Junção just right, then the Curva do Café which is the most delicious curve in this life, and then everything comes back to mind and it’s very good.”

“We realized that we could win when we talked to the team. I already started last and arrived in fifth, there were 13 positions, I only needed 10 today. Even on a track with relatively more overtaking points it was difficult, but not impossible. So, it was well thought out, and racing is always racing. In practice, the theory is completely different. I don’t even know what to say, I’m really, really happy.”

“I didn’t know what my possibilities would be when I started karting, to enter a category of that size, to compete at a close, professional level, it never crossed my mind.

“I just invested as much as possible. When I saw it, I was in karting, then I ‘federated’, I started to compete in professional stages and then I was in Porsche. I said, wait a minute, damn it, I’ve been thinking about that for years. So life is pretty crazy,” she concluded.

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