Corinthians base players participate in 80% of the team’s goals in the Brazilian; see list

The base category of Corinthians has had a great influence on the team’s goals in the current edition of the Brazilian Championship. Since the beginning of the competition, the Terrão cubs participated in 12 of the 15 goals scored by the alvinegra team.

The boys participate by scoring the goal or contributing with assistance to their teammates. O My Helm detailed below the involvement of alvinegro players.

Of the 15 goals scored, eight were from players trained in the youth categories.. Gustavo Mantuan leads the statistics with three goals, followed by Adson, with two. Jô, Lucas Piton and Raul Gustavo complete the list, having scored one goal each. In addition, of the 15 goals scored, nine were assists from the base.

Of the eight goals scored by the base mentioned above, five were assists from players also formed in the lower categories of Timão.. Mantuan’s goal against Atlético-GO has a “double” participation. The assistance was given by Lucas Piton, but it is worth mentioning Du Queiroz, who started the move. The midfielder was also the one who started Mantuan’s goal play against Juventude.

Piton also served Adson in the equalizing goal that avoided the defeat against São Paulo, at Neo Química Arena. But the waiter didn’t hold back: the already experienced Willian was the one who assisted Piton to score the goal against Botafogo. Finally, Gustavo Mantuan helped Corinthians by assisting Jô in the equalizer against Internacional.

The base of Timão still participated in another four goals “only” with assists. Róger Guedes received assists from Du Queiroz and Lucas Piton to score against Avaí. Du also helped Renato Augusto to score against Red Bull Bragantino. Finally, Willian was responsible for leaving Paulinho in a position to score against Botafogo.

Check the list of goals and assists from Corinthians in the 2022 Brasileirão

  • Gustavo Mantuan: 3 goals (assisted by Lucas Piton, Róger Guedes and Du Queiroz)
  • Róger Guedes: 3 goals (assists by Lucas Piton and Du Queiroz);
  • Addison: 2 goals (assistance by Lucas Piton and Rafael Ramos);
  • Paulinho: 1 goal (assist from Willian);
  • Jo: 1 goal (assisted by Gustavo Mantuan);
  • Gustavo Silva: 1 goal (assist from Róger Guedes);
  • Lucas Piton: 1 goal (assisted by William);
  • Raul Gustavo: 1 goal;
  • Renato Augusto: 1 goal (assist from Du Queiroz);

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