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Fluminense was defeated by Atlético-GO 2-0 on Saturday night (11), at Maracanã, in a match valid for the 11th round of the Brasileirão. After the game, Fernando Diniz gave a press conference and analyzed the performance of Tricolor. The coach said that David Braz’s expulsion was correct, regretted marking mistakes and praised the performance of the tricolor team.

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With the defeat, Tricolor could not maintain the good moment after the excellent victory against Atlético-MG. The coach stated that the red card to the defender changed the course of the match.

– It almost totally influenced the dynamics of the game and the match. The game was running well. After the expulsion we made changes to try to control it, but there was that thing at the beginning too. The first one plus a markup misfit. In the second half the team was fierce, we had dominance and even chances to tie the game. That’s my vision of the game – said Diniz.

Fernando Diniz during a press conference after Fluminense x Atlético-GO — Photo: Gustavo Garcia

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With only 21 minutes left, defender David Braz was sent off. Despite Fluminense’s complaints on the field, Fernando Diniz considered the arbitration decision “correct”:

– David Braz’s dismissal was an avoidable foul. We have a goalkeeper who is doing well at these times. From what I saw the expulsion was correct. But throughout the game I thought the referee could have acted differently.

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Fluminense returns to the field on Wednesday, in Belo Horizonte, at 21:30 (Brasília time) against América-MG.

"If David Braz recorded this video, he would have 30min", says Gabriel Amaral |  The Voice of the Crowd

“If David Braz recorded this video, he would have 30min”, says Gabriel Amaral | The Voice of the Crowd

More answers from Fernando Diniz

– Fluminense’s fans are very beautiful. They came, supported and even with some criticisms, which occurred and we listened, I think they are also justifiable. They believe in our team, they came and made a difference. If there was no expulsion, the result would probably have been different. I just have to say thank you. We came in greater numbers, so keep coming and believing in our team, because it makes all the difference. Fluminense’s fans are fantastic and the team will fight hard to deliver the victories that the fans deserve. If the crowd hadn’t been here today, the match would have been much worse.

– The team was very brave and brave in the second half. Even with one less, the players gave a lot. And the fans can recognize that, it’s hard to see in Brazilian football. So it’s a source of great joy for me. We will work harder and harder, as I said, to deliver the victories that tricolor fans deserve.

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– He has been doing very well in the matches. He is a player who has a huge imposition in the game and makes the players on the side grow. It is a privilege for Fluminense to have an athlete like Felipe Melo, who is a player from another shelf, a shelf above. A guy who helps a lot on the field and also in matters outside. The team won with his entry. That’s why I put it on. The goals conceded had nothing to do with the entry of Felipe Melo. Not one chance or another that Atletico created, on the contrary, I think he avoided some situations for the experience, for the sense he has of coverage.

– I think I put Felipe (Melo) at the right time. I still don’t have a clear vision of when I put Felipe in, but I put him in a moment that I felt I was supposed to. I don’t regret anything I did at all. We had a tactical mismatch, I think we should have read the game a little better.

Goose back against América-MG

– Goose is a guy that everyone wants to be playing, even more with the games he’s been playing here with me – even before me. He is an extremely creative player. But I think that while the team was without the expulsion, it was creating, dominating the game. and the tendency was to have a positive result. It’s great to be able to count on his return.

Changes for the next game

– Fluminense has a very good squad. We will have spare parts, we have the return of Nino, Nonato… there are several players who can play the role. I’m calm about it. Flu doesn’t have just 11 holders, by any means. And back to Goose: we didn’t lose because Goose didn’t play. It was a game that had a very positive trend for Fluminense, the expulsion ended up dismantling our game a little. The player also hit that shot on the first goal, a shot that was very difficult to hit. It was a day when things didn’t go well in general.

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