Dinizismo does not have a quiet round

Fernando Diniz is worshiped by many football fans. His style of play, with short passes, close players and a game built from the goalkeeper, weighs more for those who worship him than the lack of titles.

The Dinizista is content with great Dinizismo games. Go to ecstasy. It was like that against Galo, in the 5 x 3 that hid a worrying fact: two goals conceded from outing.

Does not matter. Enthusiasm took over the dinizistas. Against Atlético-GO, at Maracanã, it would be just a matter. A new show by Fluminense, Diniz’s current home.

And Atletico scored 2 x 0.


A very well posted Atletico. Individual failures and recurring errors of Dinizismo.

Cano missed a goal that even (you complete) would do. An absurdity. The killer gunner started to kill… the Flo.

Then a very rare cat. Churin, 32, 1.85m, pulled off a counterattack. David Braz was fouled and sent off.

With one less, Fluminense was lost. The Dragon scored a goal with Jefferson and another with Wellington Rato.

The second half was Dinizismo juice. Caio Paulista replaced Cris Silva. Very offensive. And Nathan, striker, replaced midfielder Wellington.

And Fluminense attacked a lot. Had good chances. Diniz also removed defender Manoel and put forward Alexandre Jesus. Kennedy replaced Cano.

And the Flo crumpled. And The Dragon had chances on the counterattack too.

Nice game.

Fluminense plays well.

Fluminense loses.

Dinizismo is alive.

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