Find out how much TikTok, Netflix and Spotify employees earn

You must have dreamed of working inside a big tech company, like Netflix, Spotfy and TikTok, for example. The status of having a credential with the logo of these companies joins the good salaries in the sector to generate this greed for the dream job. But, after all, how much do the employees of these companies earn? Learn more about it here.

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How much do tech company employees earn?

As much as the work environment can be super relaxed, the truth is that there is no point if the salary is not interesting. After all, nobody cares about beanbags, refrigerators, video games and pool tables if at the beginning of the month the amount doesn’t pay the rent, for example. Therefore, the big question is how much do employees of Netflix, TikTok and other similar companies earn.

At this point, it is worth turning to the information published by the Business Insider website. The portal pulled data from the US Department of Labor and presented the salary amounts of big tech companies. The survey refers to the period from October 2020 to December 2021.

See how much Netflix employees earn

According to the site, Netflix salaries range from $9,700 to $66,000 a month. In direct conversion, it would be like earning between BRL 46,000 and BRL 315,000 in an 8-hour workday.

Meanwhile, Spotify pays between $6,200 and $25,000 for the same time worked. The values, in reais, would be between R$ 29 thousand and R$ 119.5 thousand. The video streaming company Hulu, owned by Disney, surprised with earnings between $93,000 and $208,000. In other words, Hulu pays from R$440,000 to R$985,000 per month.

Finally, TikTok has monthly salaries that range from US$7,200 to US$33,400, that is, R$34,400 to R$157,700.

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