Find out what you need to do to download the digital ID on your cell phone

Since the digital ID was announced, the Brazilian population is already eager to obtain it, but has not found how to take the first step to request it. What happens is that the new document is not yet available in all Brazilian states, but don’t be discouraged! Yet many people can already use it.

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What makes the new digital ID card even more attractive is mainly its practicality, as in addition to having it on your cell phone to be able to use it at any time, it is also gathering other documents that are necessary in the daily life of every Brazilian, which makes it even more useful.

This means that it eliminates the need to walk around with a wallet full of cards and papers, since everything is gathered in a single document that you can access with just a few taps on your mobile device. In addition to having your documents digitally and easily accessible, this eliminates the possibility of losing them.

Distinctions between the Single RG and the Digital RG

One of the main differences between the two document formats is that the new digital one brings together the RG and CPF in a single number, which means that only the registration as an Individual is valid. officially as identification from now on.

Another point is that everyone has until the year 2023 to implement the use of the new document. It is worth mentioning that unlike the CPF, the Digital Identity Card must be issued by each state.

Not all states have already made available the online apps that allow people to access their documents digitally, which is why many are getting frustrated. There is a time for the whole process to become natural and more agile, but the states that have already made the digital ID available are:

  • Alagoas;
  • Brasilia DF);
  • Goiás;
  • For;
  • Paraíba;
  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Sao Paulo.

Step by step to download the new digital ID on mobile

See now the instructions you need to follow to install the digital Identity Card (RG) on your cell phone from the moment it is made available for your region:

  • Access your Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS), search for the RG Digital app for the state you live in and download it;
  • Once the download is complete, choose the option “Add ID” within the application and scan the QR Code on the back of your physical document;
  • You will need to perform the “digital proof of life” through the app itself. Just do the facial recognition according to the requests to go through this step;
  • When finished, create the password that will be used by you whenever you want to access the document;

Ready! Now you can start using your Digital ID whenever you need to present it.

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