Flamengo is being greatly harmed by the referee

In addition to the poor performance and apathetic posture, Flamengo’s 3-1 defeat against Internacional yesterday (11) in Beira-Rio was marked by arbitration controversies. In at least two moves, the red-blacks complained about referee Bráulio da Silva Machado: first in an alleged unmarked penalty on Gabigol, and then in the penalty that generated Inter’s third goal. In both bids, the VAR did not call the referee to review the bid.

At Flamengo livetransmitted by UOL Esporte after the Mengão games, journalist André Rocha stated that, in addition to the technical crisis in football, the club has suffered from many refereeing errors in this Brasileirão. According to him, the defeat against Inter was a consequence of the red-black fragility on the field but also behind the scenes.

“The defeat is a consequence of the lack of command on and off the field, starting with Dorival’s lineup, clearly a survival strategy. He selected the most veterans and the leaders of the group, he selected Diego Alves to make it clear that there was no problem between them. , all this because the players are in charge, they are only below the president, and they don’t give the answer on the field.”

“And the lack of command off the field, Flamengo already has so many problems and is being very harmed in this Brasileirão, there was a clear penalty in Gabigol, an elbow that was not scored, and the penalty for Inter that defined the 3 to 1 it didn’t happen, there is minimal contact outside the area, he stumbles and falls in the area. The VAR has to call to show that it wasn’t, this is another problem”, stated Rocha.

“Aged cast, predictable team, and when Flamengo gets something, the referee has interfered because it lacks command. Who represents Flamengo in the CBF is Bruno Spindel, who is an aspone of Marcos Braz, nobody really knows what he does. Flamengo is without representation in the CBF and without strength behind the scenes, the fact is that last year there were three penalties in the Brazilian while Atlético-MG had 11, and this year there have already been some mistakes”, added the columnist for UOL.

‘The fight is not to fall’

In addition to the controversial refereeing by Bráulio da Silva Machado, Rocha also criticized the performance and posture of Flamengo players in Beira-Rio and said that the team’s fight, at the moment, is against relegation in the Brasileirão. Fla lost the third in a row, occupies the 15th position with 12 points and is only not in the sticking zone due to the tie-breaking criteria.

“It’s a bundle of problems, the fight is to get 47, 48 points and get rid of relegation, the club when it puts itself in that direction, problem in the direction, inside the field and weakness outside it, the tendency is to fall, Flamengo is getting in trouble.”

The journalist also highlighted that Dorival Júnior’s first mission as Flamengo’s new coach is to rejuvenate the team, which has been physically run over by opponents.

“Dorival has to start by putting more health in the team, Inter physically ran over him in the first half, and in the second half when Flamengo reacts, Inter makes substitutions, renews his health at the front and Alemão went over Rodrigo Caio and David Luiz.”

“Flamengo’s team is aged and poorly prepared, a demobilized squad, it’s a very big task for Dorival and a very steep slope to make a worthy season and next year seek a total overhaul. Most teams are running over Flamengo on and off the field”, concluded Rocha.

The next edition of Flamengo live will be on Wednesday (15), right after the match against Cuiabá, for the Brazilian Championship. You can follow the live on the Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the Flamengo page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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