Globoplay brings together productions in honor of Valentine’s Day; see the list of movies, series and soap operas

In honor of Valentine’s Day, celebrated this Sunday, the 12th, Globoplay made a selection of films, series and soap operas to marathon accompanied or even alone. After all, the date is perfect to celebrate love in every way.

The Valentine’s Day trail catalog walks through themes that involve couples in love from soap operas and romantic comedies, as in the series ‘All the Women of the World’. Even the stories of the most complicated pairs that we hope to match, as in the dramatic comedy ‘Conquistar, Amar e Viver Intensamente’ or even in the Spanish series ‘Encontros’. Some titles are available for Telecine subscribers and users who have the Globoplay + Telecine combo. Take the moment to get in the mood for romance!

All the Women in the World (Original Globoplay): honors the work of Domingos Oliveira. The series brings philosophical reflections on female representation, life, love and death with an intelligent and refined humor.

Encounters: the novel touches on the era of texting and dating apps, and tells how the experience of the first date after meeting on the internet can be surprising.

Iron Island (Original Globoplay): the series shows the story of a team of oil tankers who are torn between the dilemmas of family life on land and the boiling climate on the high seas.

Pantanal: One of the most popular soap operas in the Brazilian imagination, Pantanal is a family saga about the Leôncios and the Marruá, set against one of the richest ecosystems in the world.

MariMar: a humble young woman from a small fishing village, will see her simple life change forever after falling in love with Sergio, the son of a very rich farmer in the region.

Life pages: portrays everyday situations, having as its central axis the discussion about Down syndrome and society’s prejudice against disability.

Twilight: Bella (Kristen Stewart) arrives in the new town and is soon impressed by the mysterious Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). The two become intensely involved even after Bella discovers that the boy is a vampire.

Western Caboclo: João (Fabrício Boliveira) leaves Santo Cristo in search of a better life in Brasília. Already known as João de Santo Cristo, he gets involved with drug trafficking. In the midst of all this, he falls in love with Maria Lúcia (Isis Valverde).

The Perfect Beat (available to Telecine subscribers): Maggie (Dakota Johnson) is the assistant of a very famous singer. They come together on a fun musical journey in search of the new.

Conquer, Love and Live Intensely (available for Telecine subscribers): During a summer in 1990s Paris, literature student Arthur (Vincent Lacoste) becomes involved with Jacques (Pierre Deladonchamps), an older, HIV-positive writer. despite the strong
bond created, the relationship faces strong obstacles.

Hitch – Love Counselor: Hitch (Will Smith) teaches men how to win women, but his identity remains anonymous. When he falls in love with a journalist, he decides to conquer her at the risk of being revealed.

Love Coincidences: A man comes to the frightening conclusion that he was the sperm donor for his best friend’s son, when he meets her again seven years later.

A Família da Noiva (available for Telecine subscribers): Percy Jones (Bernie Mac) is an overprotective patriarch of an African-American family. When his daughter introduces him to her fiancé, a white guy, Percy’s world is turned upside down.

Living on the Road: During their honeymoon in the Australian Desert, Marcela Witt and Nelsinho Pinto camp in a wild region of the country. The couple shows what happened on the trip.

Nalu and Zay Around the World: The Nalu family has grown, little Zay has arrived and is already exploring the Hawaiian Islands, the east coast of Australia and Fiji. They show what it’s like to travel as a family Nalu-style.

No-strings-attached sex: Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman) are willing to enjoy and maintain a friendship without problems, even if it is necessary to follow some rules. But can they?

Shippados (Original Globoplay): series about neurotic young adults navigating the complex world of modern relationships, where everything is mediated by social networks and apps.

The Normals: Vani (Fernanda Torres) complains about the nude magazines that Rui (Luiz Fernando Guimarães) hides. She gets jealous of Rui’s new intern and decides to change her look.

Beasts: After the end of a long relationship, Ciro (João Vitor) needs to learn to deal with the single life that involves ballads, relationship apps and social networks.

Mr Brau: A comedy series that portrays the original couple Michele (Taís Araújo) and Brau (Lázaro Ramos) who conquered money and fame with their talent and work, without ever failing to revere their roots.

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