Guto values ​​triumph away from home and sends a message to critics

Source: Disclosure/EC Bahia

Bahia won one more in this Série B. And this time, winning three points away from home, gearing up the third consecutive triumph in the competition and the eighth positive result.

The victim of the time was the Worker, who had only lost at home to the leader Cruzeiro. The tricolor goal was scored by Lucas Mugni, after the ball was left over in a free kick.

In the post-match press conference, coach Guto Ferreira insisted on valuing the result away from Salvador, something that had not happened since the second round, when Bahia won 1-0 over Náutico.

He commented on the team’s different posture on the field, in relation to other performances at the opponent’s home, and took the opportunity to send a message to critics of his work, who question his performance (as a coach) in matches as a visitor.

“An important game, against a team that had only lost at home to Cruzeiro, is their second defeat at home. If we lose to them, they practically touch the classification zone. Operário has growth potential within the competition, and the fact that he lost to Bahia today does not take away their ability to be among the four that seek access.

But we played a different match from the others we played away from home, with a maturity, an attitude of balancing the team and not letting the opponent enjoy the game. From there, value possession of the ball more, try to work the ball in a more relaxed way and seek goals. They [Operário]until the 20th minute the game was more balanced, with little more aggression in relation to Bahia, but minutes later we took control of the game.

There, practically only Bahia was on the field. The chances they had were in shots from outside the area, and not only did we score, but we also had a very interesting offensive volume that could have made the score a little more elastic. But I’m happy with our second triumph away from home. One thing that everyone says is that the teams I build don’t win away from home, so one more for those guys who want to put a plaque on each other’s feet”explains Guto, in a press conference.

According to the schedule released by Assessoria do Bahia, the squad returns to Salvador this Sunday (12), and in the afternoon shift this Monday – at CT Evaristo de Macedo, performs the only training session before facing Chapecoense.

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