Iran denies being the owner of the Boeing 747 seized in Argentina

The latest case of the seizure of aircraft “abroad” has caused controversy, and Iran denies it is involved with the Venezuelan Jumbo.

Photo: Conviasa

It all started last Monday, the 6th, when a jumbo from Venezuela’s state-owned Emtrasur Cargo landed in Buenos Aires. the plane visit per se it was not much of a novelty, as Argentina maintains normal diplomatic relations with Venezuela. But the authorities sisters they noticed something strange on that flight: there were crew members from Venezuela and Iran on the aircraft, some of which were not on the flight manifest (it was not reported how many were in these conditions).

An imbroglio ensued, the crew members were eventually released after passing through immigration with their authorized documents, but the aircraft is ‘stuck’, since, according to local information, no Argentine company wants to get close to the Jumbo, for fear of suffering retaliation from the US.

As the aircraft would belong to Mahan Air, a US-sanctioned airline, any logistical support for one of its aircraft could provoke US retaliation, which accuses the airline of trafficking arms to Iran and its allies.

Disclosure – Mahan Air

The aircraft, in fact, was from Iran, but was transferred to Venezuela earlier this year. It is not known what terms were agreed between the governments of the two countriesbut with the confusion happening in Buenos Aires, rumors began to emerge that the plane was still from the Iranian Mahan Air, which had just rented it to Emtrasur.

According to Turkish state media Anadolu, Mahan Air is trying to get rid of this and has denied that it owns, saying that the Jumbo, one of the few 747-300s still in operation in the world, had already been transferred to Venezuela more than a year ago. and definitively.

Also, according to the Iranian company, the crew belongs entirely to Venezuela. “and has nothing to do with Mahan Airlines claiming this was a politically motivated seizure”.

Ironically or not, the apprehension took place while Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela, met with his counterpart in Iran, reaffirming the ‘indestructible friendship’ between the two countries, as Maduro himself would have said. What is known from all this is that this “trouble” will still take some time to be resolved.

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