Jennifer Aniston reveals she went to therapy after Friends broke up

One of six stars made famous by starring in the iconic 1990s sitcom, friendsJennifer Aniston, revealed nearly two decades after the series ended, how the completion of the work she dedicated herself to for 10 years affected her.

When you auditioned to be part of friendsthe actress was about to give up her acting career, after several unsuccessful works, but, despite having lost the role of Monica Geller to Courteney Cox, she ended up being chosen to give life to Rachel Green.

Aniston’s life was transformed overnight, thanks to the success of the show, which became the audience’s favorite sitcom, she rose to fame, was nominated and won awards and became one of the highest paid television actresses in the world.

The series also presented her with five co-stars who became more than friends, a family for her, which they maintain to this day.

Well, according to Aniston in a recent appearance on the American talk show The Ellen Show, say goodbye to Rachel Green and friends It wasn’t easy for her, especially since she ended up divorcing Brad Pitt soon after.

“Well, the end of Friends, well, you know, I got divorced and went into therapy. And then I made a movie called “Separated by Marriage”. I kind of leaned in to the end,” she joked, making a pun on the name of the film, which in English is The Break-up.

Friends (Disclosure / Warner Bros.)
Friends (Disclosure / Warner Bros.)

Despite all the sadness you felt seeing his life’s work ending, no longer living with people he saw every day and still seeing his marriage definitively over, she managed to “shake off the dust and turn around”.

“I was just like, you know what guys, let’s put this… let’s make this a whole new chapter. Let’s end it all. Let’s end it all and start over. And it worked really well,” she assured.

Besides all the money and fame, friends also brought something better and more important to the actress, she gained the best friends of her entire life: David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc.

All 10 seasons of friends are available on HBO Max.

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