Joker confirms which version of himself in DC Comics movies he hates the most

There have been many live-action adaptations of the joker in various shows and movies over the years, with an almost constant debate among fans over which adaptation is the best. in the comics of DC Comicsthe Joker himself has given his two cents on the matter, declaring which live-action version of him he hates the most.


In Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey #two in Amanda Conner and Jimmy PalmiottiHarley returned to gotham city to take revenge on those responsible for the attack on his friend in the previous issue. However, her journey didn’t go as smoothly as she thought, because when the Joker learned that she would be back in town, he decided to try to kill her.

With him to help in this murderous mission, the greatest villain in the Batman recruited a replacement for Harley Quinn, who goes by the name of Harley Sinn, a villain who is just as obsessed with the villain as Harley Quinn used to be. As the two prepare to go after Quinn, Joker finally reveals his least favorite version of himself.

Joker gives Sinn a new outfit, as the original reminded him so much of the harlequin, a new outfit that covered much of his tattooed body. When Sinn asked the Joker if covering up his tattoos was deliberate, he replied: “There was a time when I found them attractive, but nowadays they are a trigger”.

Joker confirms which version of himself in DC Comics movies he hates the most

This was apparently a reference to the interpretation of Jared Leto of the character in squad Suicidal from 2016as this is the clearest connection between the Joker and the tattoos, as Leto’s version of the Clown Prince of Crime was heavily tattooed.

If the Joker was really referencing his version in Suicide squad with his negative comment, he is not alone. The near-universal consensus is that Jared Leto’s Joker is the most hated version of the villain among DC Comics’ live-action adaptations.

There have been two live-action versions of the Joker since Leto’s portrayal in Suicide squadand the Harlequin from Margot Robbie (which premiered at the same time as the Joker from Jared Leto) appeared in two subsequent films without him, so it doesn’t look like the Oscar-winning actor’s version will be returning anytime soon.

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While it’s not strictly confirmed that the Joker hates his version of the Suicide squadit makes sense that he references the impersonation, as he has shown signs that he is aware that he is a comic book character within a fictional world.

It was revealed that the Joker is not crazy, but super sane, which means that he is well aware of his fictional existence and that is why he is of no value to the lives of his universe. Because of that, he knows that there are live-action movies about him, and it adds up that he would have a favourite, or in this case the least favourite.

Based on your comment in this issue, it seems that the least favorite of the joker so far is Jared Leto’s version, since apparently it was enough to ruin the tattoos for him forever. But what about you, what are your thoughts on all this? Don’t forget to comment on our Telegram group!


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