Mauro Cezar exempts Dorival Jr. in the setback from Flamengo to Inter, but asks for a clean in the squad: “Cleaning is necessary”


Dorival tried to start with the team medallions

Photo: Playback / ESPN |  Mauro Cezar exempted Dorival of blame for setback to Internacional
Photo: Playback / ESPN | Mauro Cezar exempted Dorival of blame for setback to Internacional

After a great appeal from the fans and the pressure that was installed on the board of Flamengo, mainly on the president of the club Rodolfo Landim, coach Paulo Sousa was fired and he was replaced by Dorival Júnior. The new coach has already arrived receiving the mission to lead the team in the duel against Internacional, but without time to train the team, Dorival did not debut as desired and suffered the Most Beloved suffered the setback by 3×1.

Despite the expectation with the coach’s work, part of the fans and commentators believe that the solution would be to change some players from the squad. This is the opinion of Mauro Cezar Pereira, who, in addition to believing that the coach needs to clean up the squad, also defended the coach and stated that Dorival cannot be held responsible for a defeat against Inter.

“Dorival Júnior didn’t even give a workout, he was introduced to Flamengo players as the new coach at the hotel, in Porto Alegre, and went to the game against Internacional. Before the first minute it was already losing by 1×0. Obviously the coach cannot be held responsible for the team’s third consecutive defeat in the Brazilian Championship. Score of 3×1 with the goal that closed the account in a bizarre penalty scored by Braulio da Silva Machado.”, began the journalist in his column in Uol Esportes.

Mauro Cezar believes that the new commander wanted to start with a good atmosphere and chose to climb some medallions from the squad that are constantly being pointed out as pivots in the downfall of coaches at Fla. “Arriving at the club for the third time in his career, in an attempt to get along with the group he selected the most experienced players. He’s gone all wrong, a terrible performance, but one that can help him do his own job. The 90 minutes gave him reasons to change everything on Wednesday, against Cuiabá, at Maracanã.”, he evaluated.

Despite the coach’s attempt to arrive with a calm atmosphere in the locker room, Mauro Cezar believes that the coach needs to propose a clean up in the red-black squad. “There is no justification for insisting on players who already have nothing to offer. But will it have support? This is the point. Flamengo needs to remove some players, dismiss them, negotiate them, replace them urgently, taking advantage of the hiring window, which is approaching. On the edge of the relegation zone, this is more than imperative. Cleaning is necessary, urgent.”, he concluded.

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