Nubank is elected the strongest brand in Brazil in 2022

Since it was created, the Nubank aims to help people take control of their finances. Because of this, fintech has always sought to deliver the best products and services to its customers.

On account of that, the Nubank was considered the strongest company by the WPP ranking, this June. For those who don’t know, this ranking is one of the most important in the market.

“This achievement comes from our focus on the consumer. In everything we do, we put our customer at the center. And there’s nothing more powerful than your customers telling people about their good experiences,” said Arturo Nuñez, Chief Marketing Officer at Nubank.

the strong brand

According to the collaborators of Nubank, this recognition is due to the love that customers have for fintech. In many comments, the company is praised: “when will there be a Nubank of industry X?”, “why is company Y not inspired by Nubank?”.

“The three fundamental pillars of marketing are: having a great product, delivering a great experience and creating a great narrative”, explains Arturo.

“We spend a lot less on marketing than the other companies that normally make this list. But we have customers who love our brand fanatically and want to tell their friends about us. That’s what sets us apart,” he added.

Nubank offers R$200 and R$50

In 2013, Nubank was founded with a purpose to eliminate bureaucracy and barriers that prevented people from controlling their money. Fintech entered the market with the aim of simplifying the financial daily life of each client with transparency and security. In this sense, the bank currently offers R$200 for the use of the card in contactless (by approximation) and also at least R$50 in credit for those who have just become a customer.

“We deconstructed complexity, bureaucracy and that old way of dealing with money. We dare to be different for you to be the protagonist of your own life”, says the fintech.

Firstly, the bank offers a limit for passwordless payments worth up to BRL 200. The card limit can be readjusted by the customer through the fintech app.

In addition, Nubank releases the initial amount of BRL 50 credit through your app. In case you don’t already know, the bank has a credit card, which in addition to having several benefits, has no annual fee.

Next, check out more information about each function and how to enjoy the benefits!

R$200 for payments

The activation of the new functionality, with payments by approximation in the amount of up to R$200, takes place immediately, right after the first purchase with the card, when it is inserted into the machine. After release, the customer can use the function whenever they want.

Purchases made through contact information are encrypted in order to guarantee the security of the transaction, since the use of a password becomes mandatory for payments over R$200.

Who does not want to use the new functionality when making their purchases with contactlessapproximation, it will be necessary to follow the three steps:

  1. Access the Nubank application and click on the arrow below your name;
  2. Choose the option “Configure card”;
  3. Turn off “Approach purchases”

Credit Card with at least R$50

Recently, fintech confirmed the initial value of BRL 50 credit through your app. In case you don’t already know, the bank has a credit card, which in addition to having several benefits, has no annual fee.

However, it is important to remember that your approval will undergo an analysis based on several criteria and, often when released, the limit does not please customers.

Currently, when the company releases their credit card for those who do not have a high income, the initial limit is usually in the amount of BRL 50.

Furthermore, it is important to note that customers with lower credit scores are often denied credit limits. Often, indebted customers, with late payments or low scores are unable to access so many financial benefits.

However, in order to help its customers, the Nubank offers a limit of BRL 50, as a way to analyze the customer’s conditions, and thus, in the future, grant the credit limit increase.

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