Nubank: Learn how to increase your card limit by up to BRL 5,000

O Nubank is one of the largest digital financial institutions in Latin America. Fintech is full of products, the most popular being the no-annuity credit card, which also has a feature that allows you to build a limit.

In short, this functionality reserves part or all of the cardholder’s digital account balance to be used as a credit limit. In this way, if the user needs BRL 500 to make a purchase, just deposit this amount and reserve as credit on the card.

Subsequently, when the transaction is carried out, the amount is unavailable for use, until the credit card bill is paid. After payment, the customer will have the balance back, being able to choose between leaving it as a limit, leaving it in the account or withdrawing.

According to Nubankyou can use a balance of up to BRL 5 thousand in the function of building limit on the credit card. In addition, the user can make national and international purchases, both in person and over the internet.

However, it is important to note that if the user fails to pay the invoice by the due date, the bank can debit the amount to guarantee payment. In addition, there are extra charges, such as fines, interest and IOF.

How to use the function?

  1. access the application Nubank;
  2. Enter the credit cards menu;
  3. Click on the “Adjust limit” option;
  4. Once this is done, tap on “Reserve as limit” and enter the desired amount.

Resource advantages

Although the feature does not seem advantageous to many people, considering that it is the user who makes their own limit available, the function can be very useful for those who do not have pre-approved credit.

“This card works like this for a simple reason: instead of denying access to a credit card, we are enabling you to build a credit history with us: by booking a limit and paying your bill for a while, our system can make a new future analysis based on your behavior and, with more information, give you a pre-approved threshold”, explains the fintech.

How to unlock Nubank credit card?

After the physical card arrives at your home, access the Nubank application and follow the steps below:

  1. Log in with your registered data;
  2. On the home screen, on the tab that indicates the status of the card, tap on “I received the card”;
  3. With the tool in hand, enter the last four digits on the back of the card in the field requested by the application;
  4. Okay, now just wait for the unlock to be done.

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