Nubank releases R$ 50 in June: how to get this credit?

O Nubank is a digital bank well known for simplifying financial life with digital solutions and without bureaucracy. One of the products most desired by the public is its credit card, the “roxinho”, which guarantees a initial limit of BRL 50 soon after approval.

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Although many customers complain about this value, which is considered low, it is practically a standard. According to the institution, the objective of offering only R$ 50 and credit is to evaluate the customer’s profile so that, in the future, it will be able to release more limits.

The granting of a Nubank credit card depends on an initial credit analysis. Consumers who receive a low limit generally do not have a very favorable history, that is, they have a low score and/or have debts in arrears.

Instead of denying the card, the fintech prefers to authorize a lower limit and give the customer a chance to prove themselves a good payer. Over time, if all goes well, this credit automatically increases.

How to get more credit?

There are some tips that can speed up this more limit approval process in purple. Check what they are:

  • Collect card spending: Use all available limit to show you need more credit.
  • Update Income: Keep your income information up to date in the app.
  • Pay the invoice on time: avoid the minimum payment of the invoice and always pay before the due date.
  • Keep your name clean: don’t delay paying bills, even if they are from other institutions.
  • Build a relationship: purchase other Nubank products and services, such as investments and insurance, for example.

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