Nuclear arsenal is ‘for self-defense’, says China

Chinese defense minister says country has “impressive progress” in developing nuclear weapons

China had aimpressive progress” in the development of new nuclear weapons, according to the country’s defense minister. In a speech this Sunday (June 12, 2022) at the Asia Defense Summit, held in SingaporeWei Fenghe said the arsenal is only for self-defense.

“[O país] always sought an appropriate way to develop its nuclear capability for the protection of our country”, he said, quoted by Reuters.

China has developed its capacity [nuclear] for over 5 decades. It is fair to say that there has been impressive progress.”, continued the minister, adding that Chinese policy on the matter is consistent. “We use [a capacidade nuclear] for self-defense. We will not be the first to use nuclear weapons.

Wei was asked about reports from 2021 that reported the construction of more than 100 new nuclear missile silos in eastern China. The minister declared that the country “always sought an appropriate path to develop its nuclear capability” for “protect” the population.

We develop nuclear capabilities to protect the Chinese people’s hard work and protect our people from the scourge of nuclear war.


In Singapore, Wei Fenghe also spoke about the issue with Taiwan. The island has been governed independently since the end of a civil war in 1949. China, however, considers it part of its territory, in the form of a breakaway province.

THE China will definitely carry out their reunification”, said the minister.Those who seek Taiwan independence in an attempt to divide China will definitely not end well..”

Wei declared that China is not an aggressor country. He said Beijing seeks only peace and stability.

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