São Paulo’s performances: player ratings against América-MG | Sao Paulo

Patrick: the midfielder needed five minutes on the field to score the goal for São Paulo and relieve the great pressure imposed by América-MG. Patrick came off the bench in the 28th minute of the first half and, in the 33rd, received a cross from Igor Vinicius to open the scoring. Note: 7.0

Miranda: the defender gave a great response in the three games in which he replaced Arboleda, called up to the Ecuador national team, and had another night playing well. Miranda anticipated markers and commanded the São Paulo defense. Grade: 7.0

Jandrei: the goalkeeper was safe during the 90 minutes and made at least two difficult saves that were fundamental for São Paulo to win the victory. With his feet, he managed to help the team out of the game. Note: 6.5

Lucian: the striker has been accumulating bad matches with the São Paulo shirt. Without scoring a goal for a month, Luciano once again lived a dull afternoon, without bothering the opponent’s goal. He was substituted in the second half. Grade: 4.0

Patrick celebrates São Paulo’s goal against América-MG — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

See the notes of all players:

  • Jandrei [GOL]: 6.5
  • Miranda [ZAG]: 7.0
  • Pablo Maia [ZAG/VOL]: 5.5
  • leo [ZAG]: 6.0
  • Igor Vinicius [LAD]: 6.5
    (Andrés Colorado [VOL]): 6.0
  • Reinaldo [LAE]: 5.5
    (Wellington [LAE]): 6.0
  • luan [VOL]: 5.0
    (Patrick [MEI]: 7.0
  • Gabriel Neves [VOL]: 6.0
    (Rigoni [ATA]): 5.0
  • Rodrigo Nestor [MEC]: 6.0
  • Lucian [ATA]: 4.0
    (Rafinha [LAD]): 5.5
  • Calleri [ATA]: 4.5

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"It wasn't a great game, but it's worth the 3 points", comments Caio |  The Voice of the Crowd

“It wasn’t a great game, but it’s worth the 3 points”, says Caio | The Voice of the Crowd

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