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Adryelson filed Sport in court last Thursday, charging R$ 3.4 million in wages. He asked for the indirect termination of contract to leave the club. Shortly before, Rithely received a favorable sentence in the process in which she asks for more than R$ 20 million. Just like Jair Ventura, in the action that should exceed the R$ 1 million mark. They are just part of the story.

Sport accumulates millionaire lawsuits in the Labor Court and juggles negotiations to try to minimize losses on Ilha do Retiro.

We try to search, negotiate and make a tremendous effort to save BRL 100,000 or BRL 50,000 in a deal. Then comes another: R$ 3 million, R$ 2 million. Do not stop.

— says Leão’s legal vice president, Rodrigo Guedes.

  • Adryelson sues Sport in court and asks for indirect contract termination in a R$ 3.4 million lawsuit

Sport trains in the rain at the club’s CT — Photo: Anderson Stevens / Sport Club do Recife

Adryelson: “Hard to reverse”

In the case of Adryelson, there is at least R$ 2 million in the value of the process that corresponds to future salaries – which must be paid in the event of indirect termination. Even so, Sport also has 19 months of FGTS not collected from the defender.

– They made the loan and did not settle the arrears. Sport had 65% of the rights, but ceded part to Adryelson and kept 20%. He would give up part of the salaries, but he has no contract or document providing for this – says Rodrigo Guedes.

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Jair Ventura and Adryelson collect millionaire debts from Sport in court

Jair Ventura and Adryelson collect millionaire debts from Sport in court

Sport will still be notified by Justice and there has been no decision on the action so far, but the manager recognizes the difficulty of achieving a change of scenery.

It is difficult to reverse indirect termination, we know. Let’s try to see a deal. The past debt is very large, more than R$ 1 million.

— summarizes the legal vice.

Adryelson talks about his departure from Sport to play in the United Arab Emirates

Adryelson talks about his departure from Sport to play in the United Arab Emirates

“It accumulates. It’s impressive”

Before Adryelson, Rithely is among the most outstanding cases – for the amount charged. He filed a lawsuit in August 2020 asking for R$ 20,903,331.80 in back wages, image rights and a termination fine. In May of this year, Sport was convicted in part of the claims and filed an embargo on the decision.

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Rithely is back in Sport after two years — Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

Jair Ventura had triggered the club earlier this year and received the first response shortly after – with a favorable decision (in part) in the first instance. Lion is also available.

Sport still follows cases such as Diego Souza (with a share of BRL 1,040,046.58), striker Leandro Barcia (BRL 1,706,708.85) and Colombian midfielder Rentería, for example – who did not even debut and charges R$ 1,118,754.47 to the Pernambuco club.

We started to pay, but in 2021 many cases arrived. In 2020, a lot was not paid due to the pandemic either. It’s accumulating. It’s impressive.

— Rodrigo Guedes

Information about Rithely and Mikael's cases on Sport

Information about Rithely and Mikael’s cases on Sport

It’s hard to manage an account that doesn’t stop growing. It became part of the routine in Sport’s legal department. Now, explains Rodrigo Guedes, the club works to soften as it can. And it makes the fight for access to Serie A a primary goal for 2022.

– We are monitoring the most urgent and trying to make agreements, reduce values. We did Durval’s and other lawsuits in the Labor Court, with personnel from the maintenance of artesian wells and the lawn on the Island. But it’s a lot of people. A lot arrives.

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Sport team gathered on the field for the Brazilian Series B — Photo: Anderson Stevens/Sport Club do Recife

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