There are more than 2 soldiers in the image. How many can you find? – Metro World News Brazil

Do you believe you have a good eye and the ability to find hidden elements in images? If the answer is yes, this challenge is for you!

Even if you answered “no”, try to solve at least this one. If you can find the elements in the image, you certainly have a keen eye. But don’t worry if you can’t find the element, as it might not be so easy at first glance. Are you prepared?

A Twitter user shared a photo containing soldiers and challenged netizens to find the rest of the Finnish soldiers camouflaged in the image. Identified as the Commander of the Lapland Border Guard, a city in Finland, he wrote:

“How many investigators from the Ivalo Border Guard Company (neighborhood in Finland) can you see in the picture? In the middle of the Scout Leader’s progress report, I noticed that two of them, in addition to him, were on a mission. Excellent activity.”

Looking at this photo, can you find the two camouflaged Finnish soldiers? Take a good look at the image!

If you haven’t found it yet, that’s fine. After all, this test is actually a bit tricky to solve. Perhaps over time you will develop a keener ability to locate hidden elements. In case you found it without consulting the answer first, hats off to your performance! Below you can see the result.

See the challenge answer:

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Tests like this are fun, aren’t they? How about becoming an adept at challenges like these and undertaking a few others? Metro World News has developed a series of notes like these for you to try to find some sort of hidden element.

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