Use the Nubank card on WhatsApp to send and receive money

Did you know? WhatsApp has a payment system which allows its users to send and receive money directly in the app, without incurring any fees. Although the novelty is not widely used in the country, several national banks, such as Nubankaccept WhatsApp Pay.

It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp Pay is authorized by the Brazilian central bank to function as a payment institution in the form of Payment Transaction Initiator by Facebook Pagamentos do Brasil Ltda. In this way, the BC supervises operations.

See how to set up a Nubank card on WhatsApp Pay

According to the digital bank Nubank, the institution was one of the first to offer the service linked to WhatsApp Pay. This is because the digital bank offers both credit and debit cards.

Registering a Nubank card on the WhatsApp payment service is quite simple. To do this, just open the menu in the upper right corner of the Whatsapp and click on “Payments”, starting the card configuration.

Then, you will need to enter the financial data, the address and click on “Continue”. In this way, the user needs to click on “Add card” and enter the data of the debit card. It is worth mentioning that the WhatsApp Pay payment system accepts both virtual and physical Nubank cards.

You will need to click on “Verify now” to complete the Nubank card setup in WhatsApp Pay. Finally, the user must perform a validation through the verification code sent in your App or email.

Is it possible to make payments with biometrics?

Yes, WhatsApp Pay users can make payments with biometrics. It is worth noting that the biometric validation payment system guarantees even more security to transactions. the whole process of biometrics registration It is quite simple and must be done directly in WhatsApp.

For this, the user will need to click on the Menu located in the upper right corner of WhatsApp and select the “Payments” tab. Then, click on “Payment Setup” and enable the “Use Fingerprint” option.

What is the transaction limit?

According to Nubank, Nubank customers and users of the payment system WhatsApp Pay have transaction limits. Therefore, it is possible to send a maximum of BRL 1,000 per transaction and receive up to 20 transactions per day. The digital bank still informs that the monthly limit is R$ 5 thousand. Therefore, users who reach the monthly limit will need to wait until the next month to perform a new transaction.

“If you make 5 transfers of BRL 1,000 in a single day (reaching the monthly limit of BRL 5,000), you will only be able to make new payments on WhatsApp in the following month”, exemplifies the digital bank Nubank in its blog.

It is worth mentioning that to make transactions with the Nubank through WhatApp Pay, the user’s money must be in a current account. Therefore, if the values ​​are in the “Save Money” function, it is necessary to redeem the amount before carrying out the operation via WhatsApp.

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