Why humanity’s future may depend on Africa

Kenyan woman with two babies

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Studies estimate that population growth in part of Africa will be very important for the planet in the future

It is believed that our species, the Homo sapiens, originated hundreds of thousands of years ago in Africa. Now, the continent may also hold the key to humanity’s future. This is what population studies suggest that anticipate what the world will be like at the end of this century.

To estimate what the world population will look like in 2100, experts make projections based on a number of factors, mainly the so-called global fertility rate (known by the acronym TFT), which is an average of the number of live births per woman.

For a population to grow, or at least to remain stable, it is necessary at least a rate of 2.1, that is, the average number of births is 2.1 children per woman.

This index is known as the “replacement fertility rate”. The idea behind it is simple: as women make up almost half of the population, if each of them has at least two babies, the world’s population will not decrease.

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