Australia vs Peru LIVE (0-0) | 06/13/2022

17:32 a minute ago

replacement in australia

119′ Behich leaves and Goodwin enters.

17:303 minutes ago


116′ Behich, left-back for Australia. Player feels cramps and lies on the lawn.

17:285 minutes ago

Substitution in Peru

115′ Cueva leaves and Alex Valera enters.

17:277 minutes ago


112′ Cueva, midfielder from Peru. Player feels cramps and receives medical attention on the lawn.

17:267 minutes ago

Tapia moves away from the area

111′ Hrustić takes a free-kick from the left with a cross in the area and Tapia takes the risk away.

17:24 10 minutes ago

missed the target

109′ Karačić kicks in from the right side of the area, Irvine props and Awer Mabil finishes wide.

17:2211 minutes ago


107′ Avincula risks a shot from outside the area and the ball goes over Matthew Ryan’s goal.

17:2112 minutes ago

On the beam

106′ Trauco crosses from the left, Edison Flores comes up well and heads it. The ball hits the post, Irvine tries to clear it, but hits Lapadula. Aquino keeps the leftovers, applies a beautiful hat to the area and finishes on top.

17:20 14 minutes ago


105′ Edison Flores wins dispute on the left, avoids the ball out and rolls to Cueva. Half kicks with his left foot and the ball goes out.

17:1716 minutes ago


Ball in play for the second stage of overtime. Last 15 minutes of ball in play. Will we have a goal?

17:16 17 minutes ago


End of the first half of overtime.

17:14 19 minutes ago


103′ Awer Mabil, forward for Australia. Player feels pain after being stepped on.

17:12 22 minutes ago


101′ Edison Flores, Peru midfielder. Foul committed by Boyle.

17:09 24 minutes ago

Ryan defends

98′ Edison Flores receives a pass on the right side of the central aisle, turns and shoots hard from outside the area. Matthew Ryan saves without rebounding.

17:08 25 minutes ago

defensive cut

96′ Zambrano receives from Advíncula on the right and crosses. Tapia propels in, Lapadula tries to complete the throw, but Mooy wards off the danger.

17:06 27 minutes ago

Movement on both sides

95′ Cueva makes a good individual move down the left, but is tackled by Karačić. Full-back tables with Hrustić and crosses towards the area, but Callens removes the danger.

17:03 31 minutes ago


Overtime begins in Qatar.

17:02 31 minutes ago

replacement in australia

Kye Rowles leaves and Fran Karačić enters.

16:55 38 minutes ago


Game over in regulation time. Let’s go to overtime.

16:55 38 minutes ago


90+3′ Trauco receives a pass from Cueva in the left corner of the penalty area and tries to cover the goalkeeper Ryan, but misses by a lot.

16:53 40 minutes ago

defensive cut

90′ Links the table with Cueva on the right, crosses low from the bottom line and Irvine clears the danger.

16:52 41 minutes ago


90′ Three minutes to go.

16:51 42 minutes ago

Australia pressure

87′ Awer Mabil receives space on the left and rolls low. Hrustić hits low and Gallese lands in his left corner to make a save. Best chance in the game.

16:49 44 minutes ago

replacement in australia

86′ Leckie leaves and Maclaren enters.

16:48 an hour ago


85′ Cueva, midfielder from Peru. He feels pain in his calf and receives medical attention on the lawn.

16:48 an hour ago


84′ Belich makes a beautiful individual move as he brings the ball from the left to midfield and hits from the edge of the area. The ball passes close to the goal. Australia improves in the final stretch of the game.

16:47 an hour ago

defensive cut

83′ Mabil crosses from the left, Boyle fails to complete and the Peru defense takes the ball out of the box.

16:44 an hour ago

Gallese safe

81′ Mooy pulls up the middle for Awer Mabil in the area, but Gallese comes out of the goal and goes up to take the ball.

16:43 an hour ago

In the hands of the goalkeeper

80′ Mooy takes a free-kick from the right in the middle and Gallese makes a smooth save. It was the first shot in the direction of the goal of the match, which says a lot about how the game is going.

16:41 an hour ago

Substitution in Peru

79′ Sergio Peña leaves and Pedro Aquino enters.

16:34 an hour ago


72′ Cueva advances down the left and opens with Edison Flores. Half kicks and Irvine blocks.

16:32 an hour ago

replacement in australia

68′ Out Mitchell Duke and in Awer Mabil.

16:31 an hour ago


68′ Cueva drives the ball down the left side, enters the area and hits the outside of the net.

16:28 an hour ago


65′ Trauco takes a free-kick from the left and Rowles makes the partial cut. Sergio Peña is left with the remainder outside the area and finishes, but doesn’t hit the direction.

16:27 an hour ago

Substitution in Peru

65′ Carrillo leaves and Edison Flores enters.

16:26 an hour ago

Takes away the Australian defense

62′ Carrillo crosses from the right, Ryan passes and Boyle makes the cut.

16:21 an hour ago

take out the goalkeeper

56′ Mooy swings in a corner from the left and Gallese jumps out of the way with a punch to the ball.

16:20 an hour ago


52′ Mooy takes a risk from the edge of the area and shoots poorly, without danger to the goal defended by Gallese.

16:19 an hour ago

not worth

50′ After a good move from the right with Advíncula, the side crosses in the area, Christofer Gonzáles can’t control it and Lapadula commits an attack foul on the goalkeeper Ryan, who keeps the ball.

16:18 an hour ago

defensive cut

48′ Lapadula is triggered in the middle of the area, but he gets in the way and can’t finish.

16:07 an hour ago


The second half begins.

16:06 an hour ago


Athletes back on the field.

15:512 hours ago


End of the first half.

15:512 hours ago

defensive cut

45′ Carrillo again advances to the right and crosses. Mooy does the partial cut.

15:502 hours ago


45′ One minute to the end of the first half.

15:502 hours ago

take the back

44′ Advíncula receives a pass from Carrillo on the right, wins a dispute with Behich and crosses. Australia’s defense departs.

15:492 hours ago


43′ Mooy takes a free-kick from the left with a cross in the area, Leckie trips and Wright gets a free kick at the second post, but decides to cross. Arbitration pleads offside and bid is annulled.

15:442 hours ago

Wrong direction

39′ Boyle crosses from the right towards the area, Irvine has space and a bad header, without danger to the goal defended by Gallese.

15:392 hours ago


35′ Very weak game. Australia adopts a more cautious stance and tries to get to the attack in quick plays. On the other hand, Peru has more possession of the ball, but misses more passes and cannot finish.

15:312 hours ago


27′ Lapadula receives a pass from Cueva, turns and shoots, but the Australian defense blocks the shot.

15:20 2 hours ago


15′ Mooy swings in a corner from the right with a cross into the center of the box. Irvine comes up well, but heads over the goal.

15:18 2 hours ago

hold the goalkeeper

12′ Trauco takes a free-kick from the left with a cross in the area, the Australian defense makes the partial cut, Christofer Gonzáles has the left and suffers a tackle. Next, Advíncula crosses from the right and Ryan goes up to make the final save.

15:162 hours ago


11′ Atkinson, Australia’s right-back. Foul committed in Cueva.

15:15 2 hours ago

useless advance

10′ Leckie manages the ball in an individual play on the left, but is tackled as he approaches the area. Gallese takes possession of the ball.

15:12 2 hours ago


6′ Hrustić receives a pass from Mooy at the edge of the area, is surrounded by the marking and Duke takes a chance, but misses the target.

15:09 2 hours ago

Peru responds

3′ Carrillo advances to the right and crosses. Lapadula heads the first post and the ball goes over the goal.

15:08 2 hours ago

Australia attacks

2′ After Wright’s long throw from the defending field, Zambrano couldn’t get away, Duke had the leftovers and took a risk from outside the area, but missed the target.

15:03 2 hours ago


The decisive game begins in Qatar!

15:00 3 hours ago

All ready

The ball will roll in moments.

14:553 hours ago


2:50pm 3 hours ago

Turn up the sound, DJ! ♪♫

National anthems of Australia and Peru running.

14:453 hours ago


Refereeing and players from both teams on the pitch.

14:403 hours ago

video refereeing

14:353 hours ago

field refereeing

14:303 hours ago

Peru reserves

14:253 hours ago

Australia bookings

14:203 hours ago

Peru lineup

2:15 pm 3 hours ago

Australia lineup

14:103 hours ago

Defined teams

14:05 3 hours ago

How and where to watch the match between Australia vs Peru?

14:00 4 hours ago

When will the match between Australia vs Peru be and how to follow it live?

1:55 pm 4 hours ago

Possible lineup for Peru

1:50 pm 4 hours ago

Possible lineup for Australia

1:45 pm 4 hours ago

Summoned from Peru

1:40 pm 4 hours ago

Summons from Australia

1:35 pm 4 hours ago

Peru’s Campaign in the South American Qualifiers

1:30 pm 4 hours ago

Australia’s Asian Qualifiers Campaign

United Arab Emirates 1-2 Australia – Fourth Round, Single Match

Saudi Arabia 1-0 Australia – third round, round #10

Australia 0-2 Japan – third round, round #9

Oman 2-2 Australia – third round, round #8

Australia 4-0 Vietnam – third round, round #7

China 1-1 Australia – third round, round #6

Australia 0-0 Saudi Arabia – third round, round #5

Japan 2-1 Australia – third round, round #4

Australia 3-1 Oman – third round, round #3

Vietnam 0-1 Australia – third round, round #2

Australia 3-0 China – third round, round #1

Australia 1-0 Jordan – second round, round #10

Australia 5-1 Taiwan – second round, round #9

Nepal 0-3 Australia – second round, round #8

Australia 3-0 Kuwait – Second Round, Round #7

Jordan 0-1 Australia – second round, round #5

Taiwan 1-7 Australia – second round, round #4

Australia 5-0 Nepal – second round, round #3

Kuwait 0-3 Australia – second round, round #2

1:25 pm 4 hours ago

How are Australia and Peru in the repechage?

After several steps with different selections, the Australia secured a place in the third and decisive phase of the asian qualifiers. After being in third place in Group B, they faced a play-off in the Asian confederation against the third place in Group A, the United Arab Emirates. After winning, he secured a spot in the intercontinental play-off, the last stage before the Cup. On the other hand, the South American qualifiers are played in turn and return between all the teams and the Peru placed fifth at the end of the qualifiers.

1:20 pm 4 hours ago

International play-offs

1:15 pm 4 hours ago

modified calendar

1:10 pm 4 hours ago

Good afternoon

Decision day! We will meet the penultimate ranked FIFA World Cup 2022. Track all game moves between Australia vs Peru live online here at VAVEL Brasil. The match is valid for the intercontinental repechage and will be played in the Ahmad bin Ali Stadiumin Al Rayyan, Qatar, starting at 3 pm this Monday (13).

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