Confirmed! WhatsApp will be disabled on these phones; see list

Whenever we think of talking to someone these days, whether through message, in groups, with audio or even in video calls, we remember right away Whatsapp. The instant messaging application for cell phones is not one of the most popular in the world for nothing.

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Although it is used worldwide, the Brazilian’s relationship with the application is very different. Research shows that 96% of the population uses the chat app as their main means of communication.

The success of the platform in Brazil is justified by a number of factors, such as accessibility. When the application arrived in the country, it soon conquered its space, as it offered a quality service and for free, something that paid cell phone operators rarely did.

Just a few years after its arrival, the app already has more than 120 million active accounts. It is no wonder that Brazilians are the second largest user of the services offered by the platform.

This enormous popularity is also due to the accessibility to new technologies, since the vast majority of Brazilians have access to the internet precisely through smartphones.

This is one of the reasons behind the app’s popularity, after all, other social networks offer messaging and groups as a functionality, but blue whiting still maintains a great differential.

A recent study showed that the application is present on the home screen of more than 54% of Brazilians’ cell phones. To justify this, first of all, it is necessary to understand that the most popular smartphones in the country are very basic.

The messaging application in question requires almost nothing on the processor, being extremely simple and taking up little space in memory.

With this whole scenario in mind, it’s very simple to realize that not having access to it will almost deprive you of a large part of social life. It would almost be like being excluded from society.

Communication has been shown to be extremely fast and effective on the internet, since news can cross the world in a short time, however it is worth noting that it propagates much faster and more precisely when shared through messaging applications.

The app will no longer work on some cell phone models

Perhaps this is why the app developer’s recent announcement, where it was stated that they will disable WhatsApp on some phones, took many by surprise. Just imagining the possibility of your device being one of the selected ones is cause for concern.

But calm down, because there is no real reason for such fuss, although the decision that some smartphones will no longer be able to download the application is very real. The company announced that this will occur for internal reasons and will only be on very old cell phones that maintain the operating system iOs 10, iOs 11, that is, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c models.

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