Dutch electric and solar in final version

Lightyear 0 is a Dutch project focusing both on electricity from the cities’ external grid and solar energy. However, it will be a car for few…

Costing €250,000 or R$1,311,682, which is the price of a top-of-the-line Porsche model, for example.

That’s what Lightyear wants to achieve in the European market and beyond with 946 units planned for production.

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Despite the very high value, the Dutch brand also says that a second model will cost €30,000, which will be much more acceptable, even though almost a thousand people actually finance the project with Lightyear 0.

The forecast for this is the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025, but until then, the Lightyear 0 is the company’s option and it brings a sophisticated and fluid look, in a fastback body designed for the least possible drag, which in this case is of only 0.19 cx.

Weighing 1,575 kg, the Lightyear 0 has a range of 625 km in the WLTP cycle, using a power source, which is centered on the lithium battery.

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However, thanks to solar panels on the roof, hood and trunk lid, the Lightyear 0 can add up to 70 km of extra range daily under certain weather conditions.

According to Lightyear, the sedan can run up to 11,000 km per year in some regions of Europe without the help of the electrical grid.

You can run up to 1,000 km between charging intervals, running an average of 35 km per day. Just leave the “0” outside the covered garage.

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Equipped with four electric motors, one on each wheel, the Lightyear 0 has a consumption of 10.5 kWh/100 km to 110 km/h, which is half of what electric cars can do.

At that speed, the range is 560 km, which is still a good range.

Inside, the Lightyear 0 has a 10.1-inch multimedia dashboard with cloud-based upgrades, while the interior is made up entirely of vegan and naturally sourced materials, such as eco-friendly microfiber suede seats and rattan palm details.

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