Elephant kills 70-year-old woman in India, steps on her body again during funeral

One 70-year-old woman was killed by an elephant while collecting water in a village located in eastern India, and later had his body crushed by the same animal, according to the British newspaper. daily mail.

The case happened on Thursday (9), when Maya Murmu was surprised by the animal and ended up being trampled by it. She was rescued but died in hospital from her injuries, according to Rasgovindpur Police Station Inspector Lopamudra Nayak.

That same night, the elephant appeared again, knocked the woman’s body off her funeral pyre, trampled it again, and disappeared into the night, according to the report. Press Trust of India.

Funeral continued as normal

Local newspapers said the funeral ceremony continued as normal after the animal left the site. Authorities believe the elephant traveled from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary to the crash site, which is more than 200 km from the point of origin.

Indian government estimates show that approximately 100 people are killed by elephants each year, but foundations say the number could be up to three times higher.

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