Goal and best moments for France vs Croatia in the Nations League (0-1) | 06/13/2022

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Thank you for listening to this Nations League match. Stay tuned here for sessions on that match. A good night and until next time!

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Upcoming games and standings

France returns to the field on September 22, at 15:45, when they welcome Austria. Croatia plays on the same day and time when they host Denmark. In group 1 of League A, Denmark leads with nine points, while Croatia appears just behind with seven. Austria comes with four and the bottom is France with two.

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With a very early goal from Modric, Croatia beat France away from home and take home the three points!

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48′ OUT

The corner kicked and the defense took it away. The play followed with another cross and Konaté went up to send the ball to the right side of the goal, with a lot of danger!

17:382 hours ago


At the cross in the area, the ball was deflected by the defense and Ivusic went for it in the right corner, sending it to a corner!

17:352 hours ago


Substitution in Croatia: Kovacic leaves and Susic enters. And we will have four more minutes of added time in the match.

17:322 hours ago


Kramaric hit hard from the edge of the area and sent it into Maignan’s hands.

17:302 hours ago


Rabiot received on the left, inside the area, and hit hard, but sent it over the goal.

17:242 hours ago


Substitution in France: Guendouzi leaves and Griezmann enters.

17:22 2 hours ago


Mbappé hit the free-kick and sent it over the goal, without danger.

17:21 2 hours ago


At the entrance of the area, France won a free kick to hit directly and could be in danger. Mbappe on the ball!

17:19 2 hours ago


The corner kicked and the defense took it away.

17:18 2 hours ago


On the right, France won another corner. Danger in the area!

17:17 2 hours ago


And there were substitutions on both teams. In Croatia Budimir and Brekalo left for Kramaric and Vlasic to enter. In France Nkunku left and Coman entered.

17:15 2 hours ago


Majer received in the area and hit hard, but Maignan swatted away!

17:08 3 hours ago


Substitution in Croatia: Pasalic is out for Majer.

17:06 3 hours ago


Yellow for Pavard, for a strong finish at Brekalo – which I feel sorry for at the moment because only he gets caught in the match.

17:04 3 hours ago


Mbappé invaded the area receiving the pass in the middle and hit hard, but the goalkeeper swiped for a corner, hit the area and the defense took it away. French rebound.

16:583 hours ago

9′ OUT

France came back different! Mbappé arrived with force and hit from outside the area, sending it from the right side of the goal!

16:533 hours ago


Budimir, who was already offside, escaped through the middle and hit hard, high, but Maignan flattened out!

16:503 hours ago


Benzema makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first leg of the match!

16:483 hours ago

Teams on the field!

The players return to the field to start the second half. In France, Kamara and Koundé left for the entrance of Tchouameni and Pavard.

16:333 hours ago


With a lightning goal by Modric, taking a penalty, Croatia beat France and took home the three points!

16:313 hours ago


Corner taken in the area and Nkunku headed over the goal.

16:313 hours ago


Corner taken and the defense took it from there, with Digne hitting and winning a corner, hit fast for Digne to win another corner!

16:313 hours ago


Nkunku, on the right, won a corner. And we will have two more minutes of added time in the first half.

16:293 hours ago


Modric, in the middle, was stomped by Nkunku, with the free-kick being hit quickly and possession going to Croatia.

16:243 hours ago


Short corner, the ball was not crossed in the area and possession remains Croatian at the moment.

16:243 hours ago


Budimir tried the kick to the middle and won a corner on the left.

16:233 hours ago


France have control of the ball, but they rarely arrive in the area, without creating real chances most of the time. Croatia close the gaps and when they have the ball they try to speed up the sides.

16:134 hours ago

28′ UUUH!

Rabiot took a risk from outside the area and sent it through the right side of the goal, with danger!

16:034 hours ago


Yellow card for Guendouzi for a midfield foul on Brekalo.

16:02 4 hours ago


Modric hit the free-kick straight into the goal and sent it into Maignan’s hands.

16:01 4 hours ago


Maignan came out well, on the right, took the ball from Budimir’s feet. Outside the area he disarmed Brekalo, but when he pushed away he hit the Croatian striker and made a dangerous foul for France!

15:554 hours ago


In another cross coming from the right Kimpembe took it for a corner, already hit the first post and taken away by the defense.

15:524 hours ago


Mbappé hit hard from outside the area and sent it into the left corner, but Ivusic kept the ball without giving a rebound.

15:504 hours ago


Modric hit hard and hard in the right corner, with Maignan hitting the side and still spreading the ball, but without taking it out of the direction of the net!

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15:494 hours ago


In the departure of the game of the French defense Budimir was hit, being trampled by Konaté and won the penalty for Croatia! Modric is on the ball!

15:484 hours ago


On the right, Croatia wins the first corner of the match.

15:464 hours ago


Budimir makes the first touch on the ball and it’s rolling into the first leg of the match!

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national anthems

Now the national anthems of Croatia and France are played before the match!

15:404 hours ago

teams in the field

Players appear on the lawn to start the match!

15:354 hours ago

Fourth round – part 3

Tomorrow, at 1 pm, Armenia faces Scotland and Moldova welcomes Andorra. At 15:45 we will have the following games: Liechtenstein v Latvia, Bosnia v Finland, Romania v Montenegro, Poland v Belgium, Luxembourg v Faroe Islands, Germany v Italy, Turkey v Lithuania, Ukraine v Ireland, Netherlands v Wales and England v Hungary.

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Fourth round – part 2

15:254 hours ago

Fourth round – part 1

15:204 hours ago


Players appear on the pitch to begin warm-up work.

15:155 hours ago

Croatia climbing!

15:105 hours ago

France climbing!

15:05 5 hours ago

Good evening!

Now the broadcast of the match between France and Croatia begins, valid for the fourth round of the Nations League group stage!

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How and where to watch France vs Croatia live

In addition to the real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between France and Croatia will be broadcast live on the closed TV channel Sportv.

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When is the France vs Croatia match and how to follow LIVE?

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Orel Frinfeeld will referee the match, with Roy Hassan and Idan Yarkoni in the lines. VAR will be commanded by Marco Fritz.

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probable Croatia

The probable Croatia team for the match is: Livakovic, Vrsaljko, Caleta-Car, Pongracic and Sosa; Modric, Brozovic and Kovacic; Majer, Kramaric and Brekelo.

14:405 hours ago

likely France

The probable French team for the match is: Lloris, Koundé, Konaté and Kimpembe; Coman, Kanté, Tchouameni and Hernández; Griezmann, Benzema and Nkunku.

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Maximum force

Following the custom of the games of this group stage of the Nations, both Didier Deschamps how much Zlatko Dalic will give the teams a shoot, even though there are no shortages for the match.

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How do you get to Croatia?

THE Croatia comes from three different results in recent games. The first was the 3-0 defeat to Austria, with goals from Arnautovic, Gregoritsch and Sabitzer on Friday (3). On Monday came the tie with France. After that, on Friday (10), came the victory, now by 1 to 0, over Denmark, with Pasalic scoring the victory.

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How do you get to France?

THE France comes to the match of two draws and one defeat in the last games that they made. On Friday (3), the defeat came to Denmark, by 2 to 1, with Benzema opening the scoring and Cornelius, twice, turning the game around. The first draw came later, on Monday (6), with Croatia, 1-1, with Rabiot opening the scoring and Kramaric tying. And the second draw, again 1-1, was with Austria, on Friday (10), with Weimann opening the scoring and Mbappé drawing in the end.

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