Google Chrome gains AI improvements to increase security and accessibility

Google has announced that its Chrome browser is getting smarter and more secure. The company revealed that new machine learning features are available in the browser that are primarily intended to improve some existing tools in the software.

Among these tools are navigation, which becomes safer and protects the user against scams and fake websites, and even accessibility tools, which gain improvements for a more personalized and fluid experience. Understand what changes.

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New machine learning model brings more security

Google uses technologies such as machine learning to make its products have more advanced features. This is what happens with email that filters out spam, maps that are always up to date and even the most personalized and relevant results in the search engine.

Chrome is one of the products that uses this type of technology and it is responsible for making some web images more accessible for those with vision problems, or generating real-time subtitles in online videos, for example.

The company announced that more improvements are coming to the browser in this regard and one of them is to further increase user security. Safe Browsing helps protect users by showing warnings when a website is dangerous or when a file might be malicious to download.


They have already released a new machine learning (ML) model that identifies 2.5 times more potentially malicious websites than the old one. This also helps prevent phishing attacks, ensuring safer browsing.

This new model is also able to predict some user decisions so that he doesn’t have unnecessary distractions when it comes to notifications from different pages. Website notifications deliver important information from important pages, but they are also sometimes quite useless and not of interest to the user. This is where the new ML model comes in. It will be able to understand and predict user permissions based on their browsing history.

That is, depending on how they interact with similar sites, the AI ​​can predict when permissions are unlikely to be granted by the user and silence them.

Chrome also gains improvements in Journey, website translation and even shortcuts in the toolbar

The changes also come to Journey, a recent browser feature that merges all searches for a single subject or topic from your browsing history. For example, if someone is planning a trip and has already done research on tickets, places to stay, places to visit, etc., using Journey in Chrome, they can merge all of their visited history pages on that topic into one place. .


Now, the new AI model makes these websites always appear in your preferred language. That is, if someone always translates pages in English into Portuguese, they will already be opened translated. This will work for any type of website.

The company also promised that updates will arrive in the future that allow Chrome’s AI to adjust the toolbar in real time depending on the type of website being visited, the time of day and showing the actions that are most useful at that moment and more. used by the user. It could be sharing if you’re watching the news, or voice search while driving. You can even customize these choices.


The news is slowly arriving for everyone, and soon the company will bring more features that will be added with this new machine learning model.

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