Insurer is obliged to pay R$ 26.6 million after woman contracts STD

A woman got in a court in the US state of Missouri that the insurance company Geico pay her no less than US$ 5.2 million (R$ 26.6 million at the current rate) in damages, after she had sex and contracted HPV. in a car. This is due to the fact that the vehicle in question is insured by the company.

The information is from The Kansas City Star newspaper. According to the report, the woman went to court in February 2021 after learning that she was infected by a partner who knew she had the disease but said nothing.

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The model in question belonged to the man, who had insurance from Geico. Thus, she argued that the company was responsible for what happened. A deal was offered to the company, which it declined. Therefore, the woman decided to go to court.

The woman’s partner, contracting the service, was found liable and the judge approved an award of $5.2 million in damages to be paid by the insurer. Geico asked for a new hearing, but was denied all appeals.

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