Jennifer Aniston Criticizes Influencers For ‘Doing Nothing’

Jennifer Aniston, 53, spoke of changes in the film industry with the arrival of digital influencers. In a chat with Sebastian Stan, actor of the series “Pam & Tommy”, on the show “actors on actors“, from Variety, the actress said that the acting work is “watering down”.

It all started when Jennifer asked what it was like for Sebastian to do the scene where he talks to his own penis. The actor said he had studied the couple’s history a lot and reported being surprised that people didn’t know the story behind the series.

“That’s what was amazing about doing the show – how many people really didn’t know the tape was stolen, or had nothing to do with it,” he said.

Jennifer then criticized the change in culture and how digital influencers have become famous, but who, according to her, “do nothing”.

“And it was right at the moment when the internet really shaped a new culture about people becoming famous. This thing about people getting famous for basically doing nothing. I mean – Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, all of those…”, he criticized. the actress.

Sebatian agreed with her colleague’s analysis: “Yes. When you look back at the ’90s, you see how many things happened in that decade.”

I feel lucky that we got a taste of the industry before it became what it is today, which is just different. You are famous from TikTok, from YouTube, from Instagram. It’s like watering down the actor’s work. Jennifer Aniston

The actor again agreed with the actress and reflected on what would be the behavior of people with the series “Friends” if at that time social networks were as active as they are today.

“I’m thinking if you had social media when “Friends” was happening, it’s almost like I’m pretty sure the network would have said, “Hey, can we get a TikTok video of you guys?” And a lot of that was preserved for the screen . And that’s why I sometimes ask myself: are we missing a little bit of this mystery?”

“I also find it interesting that people still love it today, because what are they relating to? You look at a table of four people having a meal. And usually there are three people on a phone, just scrolling around without thinking.” actress.

“And you’re on the couch reading the paper and talking over coffee,” the actor agreed.

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