Juan Guaidó is kicked out of a restaurant in Venezuela by Maduro supporters; watch video

Governments of Brazil and the States sympathized with the Venezuelan opposition leader, who proclaimed himself president

Juan Gauidó is kicked out of a restaurant by supporters of Nicolás Maduro
Juan Gauidó is kicked out of a restaurant by supporters of Nicolás Maduro

Opposition leader in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó — who proclaimed himself president of the country against the regime of Nicolas Maduro and had the role recognized by countries like Brazil and United States,- was attacked in a restaurant this Sunday, 12, by supporters of the elected government. Guaidó was accompanied by people who support his party when they were expelled from the establishment by supporters of Maduro. The Brazilian federal government showed solidarity with the Venezuelan opposition leader. On the official Twitter page, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the following message: “The Brazilian government expresses its solidarity with the President in Charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and expresses its condemnation of the new acts of violence directed against him”. The attacks also had repercussions in other countries of the world. The United States government and the Organization of American States (OAS) expressed concern about the opposition leader in Venezuela. US State Department Assistant Secretary for the Americas Brian Nichols said: “We are deeply concerned about the unprovoked attack on President Juan Guaidó and your colleagues. Those responsible for the aggression must be brought to justice.”

*With information from reporter Cléber Stevani

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